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  • 5 ways to keep Ramadan momentum alive

    5 ways to keep Ramadan momentum alive

    By Mohannad Hakeem OnIslam.net Ramadan is almost over, but there are tons of opportunities that you can use to keep the Ramadan spirit. I hope that you will find the following 5 tips handy, especially during the first half of Shawwal (lunar month following Ramadan in the Islamic calendar). This article is based on what

  • Eight myths about science fiction and fantasy

    By Haris A. Durrani  Alt Muslimah Most people who haven’t read science fiction and fantasy (SFF) define it by Hollywood blockbusters. If they’ve read SFF, they don’t think of it as such. “Fahrenheit 451? 1984?” I’ve heard from members of our Muslim communities. “Those are science fiction?” While these misunderstandings are not exclusive to Muslim communities

  • New Imam names for Islamic Society of Boston

    BOSTON,MA–The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center has appointed a new Imam. Shaykh Yasir F. Fahmy, was born and raised in Clifton, N.J., and had a stint in the corporate world before devoting himself to Islamic studies and community leadership, according to the Boston Globe. The thirty two year old Shaykh Fahmy is a graduate

  • Hend Hegazi’s ‘Normal Calm’ discusses life after rape

    Hend Hegazi’s ‘Normal Calm’ discusses life after rape

    by Sonali Kudva  Amina, the novel’s protagonist, is an Egyptian-American girl. She has normal dreams and aspirations like all young women. Her parents are conservative, but not stiflingly so. She goes away to college, and that’s where the novel really begins. Hend Hegazi, the author of “Normal Calm,” addresses issues of race and searching for a

  • Creating change easily

    Creating change easily

    By Sayeda Habib Salam alaikum brothers and sisters! I hope that the blessed month of Ramadan has gone well for you. The month of Ramadan is centered on personal growth, not only for our own benefit, but also for the pleasure of Allah swt. This month is soon to end, but wouldn’t it be wonderful

  • 12 ways to build a community during this Ramadan

    12 ways to build a community during this Ramadan

    By Saud Inam In the Quran we’re told that Ramadan is meant to ultimately lead us to be more conscious of Allah and increase our taqwa. However, another benefit of Ramadan is that it provides us an opportunity to build relationships not only with Allah, but also with our fellow brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, many

  • A revert’s first Ramadan: tests and rewards

    OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – Observing their first Ramadan ever, reverts to Islam find the holy month as both exciting and challenging, practicing a new set of religious, spiritual and social activities that distinguishes the holy month. “I was so excited for Ramadan to start. I’d read all about it but couldn’t wait to actually

  • Mosque wins court case

    ORLEANS COUNTY, NY–A mosque in Orleans County has won a ruling in its favor over a property dispute. The State Supreme Court ruled that the mosque property belongs to the World Sufi Foundation and not to the Imam. The mosque property was bought in the name of the Imam in 1970 as apparently his credit

  • Iftar for all held in Big Flats

    BIG FLATS,NY–The Islamic Association of Finger Lakes held an iftar event open to their neighbors of all faiths on Tuesday, June 7th. A large number of people turned up for the event. Participants observed the prayers and enjoyed foods from the Middle East and elsewhere during the open house. The association is currently fundraising for

  • Beaumont mosque to open by next Ramadan

    BEAUMONT,TX–The growth in the Muslim community in Beaumont has created an acute shortage of Muslim prayer spaces in the area. This is set to change with the Islamic Society of Triplex announcing that it will complete the construction of its new mosque before the beginning of Ramadan in 2016. “We ran out of space,” said

  • 5 reasons why Christians should stay in the Middle East

    By Chris Seiple Religion News Service A well-intentioned argument is developing among some Westerners, urging the evacuation of Christians from the Middle East. These Westerners reason that because no one will defend the Middle Eastern Christians, they should be resettled elsewhere. Such an approach is naive at best, and complicit at worst, accomplishing the religious cleansing desired

  • Kuwait attack shocks Muslims

    OnIslam & News Agencies KUWAIT CITY – A suicide attack that hit a Kuwaiti Shiite mosque during Friday prayers and left dozens killed and injured provoked strong reaction and condemnation from leading Muslim scholars. “#Tunisia Solidarity with the Tunisian people and the families of victims. Condolences and Consternation,” Dr Tariq Ramadan wrote on Facebook .

  • Raquel Hosein among ‘Young Innovators to Watch’ list

    BROOKLYN, NY–Brooklyn student Raquel Hosein, 19, has been named one of the ten winners of 10 Under 20: Young Innovators to Watch competition. The contest, organized by CE Week and the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), celebrates New York City high school and college students for technological innovations. Hosein created a smartphone and

  • People of all faiths attend Anniston iftar

    ANNISTON,AL–People of all faiths attended a communal iftar at the Anniston Islamic Center. They toured the center’s facilities, which include a free medical clinic, and joined in the breakfast, the Anniston Star reported. Imam Muhammad N. Haq pointed out the common challenges faced by all. “Today, mankind is passing through a social and moral crisis,”

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