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  • Muslim, Jewish student join for halal & kosher meals

    SAN DIEGO,CA—Muslim and Jewish students at University of California at San Diego joined hands to make the university’s dining hall receptive to their needs. Their year-long efforts bore fruit this month when the dining services announced that a dining hall at the Thurgood Marshall College would begin serving the meals in 2016. Zev Hurwitz, executive

  • ‘Jihadi John’ link deepens security unease in Kuwait

    ‘Jihadi John’ link deepens security unease in Kuwait

    By Noah Browning KUWAIT (Reuters) – Reports that Islamic State’s most notorious executioner was born on their soil have stirred deep unease among Kuwaitis about the vulnerability of their country to wars in nearby Iraq and Syria in which some of their Arab allies have become combatants. People within the government and beyond are quick

  • Yusuf Islam wows huge crowd in Chile

    Yusuf Islam wows huge crowd in Chile

    By Karin Friedemann TMO Contributing Writer In 1971, Cat Stevens’ rendition of the Christian hymn, “Morning Has Broken” reached #6 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and #1 in the US Easy Listening Chart in 1972. My family’s church sang this hymn every Sunday of my childhood. Also in 1971, he provided nine songs

  • Cricket: patriotism overshadows differences

    Cricket: patriotism overshadows differences

    By Almas Akhtar TMO contributing writer I am a huge cricket fan. My earliest memories of my childhood are watching a cricket match with my parents cheering Pakistan’s cricket team during their English tour when Muddassar Nazar, the talented opener, was able to bowl magnificently and was dubbed the “Man with the Golden Arm”. One

  • If the US is a Christian nation, whose Christianity do we follow?

    By Tom Ehrich Religion News Service A recent survey found that 57 percent of Republicans agreed that Christianity should be established as the United States’ national religion. Not only would this violate the clear wording of the Constitution and the intention of the founders to keep religion and government separate, it also raises a difficult quandary. Whose Christianity?

  • Sister of Chapel Hill victim decries Islamophobia

    OnIslam and news agencies SAN FRANCISCO –Long hours and days of grief could not ease the heavy heart of Dr Suzanne Barakat, the sister of slain young American Muslim who was killed last month in Chapel Hill with his young wife and sister-in-law. For her, the police statement that the trio’s death was about the

  • “Islam in America”: A conversation with Jonathan Curiel (book Q & A)

    By Joseph Richard Preville and Julie Poucher Harbin ISLAMiCommentary How do Muslims fit into the quilt of American history? Jonathan Curiel investigates this question in his new book, Islam in America (I.B. Tauris, April 28, 2015). “America’s first Muslims,” he writes, “were perceived as less than human – people put in chains, forced to do field work

  • The Muslim Protagonist

    By Haris A. Durrani I remember the first, bonafide adult books I read: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card and I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. They changed me irreparably and began a lifelong addiction to science fiction. Kurt Vonnegut helped me understand the trauma of war and apocalypse. Octavia Butler showed me the racial intersections between history, present, and

  • What ISIS really is: sham Muslims, real criminals

    What ISIS really is: sham Muslims, real criminals

    By Bruce B. Lawrence Religion News Service Less than six months ago, few outside the Middle East knew much about a group called ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic State. It was not till mid-June that its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, proclaimed himself the caliph, and ISIS the territory he ruled. As a movement, however,

  • The ‘herstory’ of Malcom X’s legacy

    Margari Hill Often, when we talk about the history of Islam in America, we focus on the great men and their big ideas. This month, in looking at the BlackLivesMatter Movement through the life and legacy of Malcolm X, I thought of the many women who were also part of our nation’s freedom struggle. Just as

  • Witnessing ourselves in relationships

    Witnessing ourselves in relationships

    Karin Friedemann TMO Contributing Writer “Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions,” reads a joke circulating on Facebook. But sometimes even smart people make stupid decisions. Many times we don’t actually make conscious decisions but repeat similar mistakes again and again. Part of growing up and learning

  • A love letter to American Muslims

    A love letter to American Muslims

    By Maria Khwaja Bazi Dear MSA kids, I was 17 on September 11, 2001. It was fall of my senior year of high school, and I was worried about a US History exam. I wore a scarf and performed the afternoon prayer in our school’s library. They wheeled a TV with a live news broadcast

  • French theologian urges Islam to self-critique, fails to notice log in own eye

    French theologian urges Islam to self-critique, fails to notice log in own eye

    By DANIEL J. SCHULTZ Religion Dispatches In a piece published in Le Point on January 12th (translated and reprinted in Sightings on January 30th) eminent philosopher-theologian Jean-Luc Marion declared, “France is at war; we can no longer doubt that this is the case.” This war, according to Marion, has three fronts: first, the defense against terrorist attack; second, the war to defend secularism (laïcité);

  • The Muslim community’s hidden shame

    The Muslim community’s hidden shame

    By Mira Abouelezz Editor’s note: This article originally appeared in MuslimGirl.net at muslimgirl.net/10439/chicago-imam-shaming-women/  Muhammad Abdullah Saleem. Age 75. Founder of the Institution for Islamic Education and prominent religious leader in Illinois. Accused of sexual abuse. Shock waves duly reverberated throughout the local Muslim community, who have revered and trusted Saleem for a little over three

  • Muslim community takes stand against sexual violence

    STATEMENT   The Muslim community has come together to support and empower victims and survivors of sexual abuse.  We support each victim and survivor to come forward to get help.  Those who are connected to the case in Chicago should visit http://www.safetyforsurvivors.com/.  If you are unable to find resources in your personal community, please also visit

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