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  • A response to ‘Practicing Islam in Short Shorts’

    A response to ‘Practicing Islam in Short Shorts’

    By Hira Uddin Brown Girl Magazine Scrolling through my social media news feed, my thumb swiped upwards then abruptly downwards when I read Gawker’s headline “Practicing Islam in Short Shorts.” Since that first click, I have read Thanaa El-Naggar’s article several times because it has made me reflect on my experience, not just as a

  • ISIL suicide bomber kills 21 at Saudi Shia mosque

    By Sami Aboudi DUBAI (Reuters) – A suicide bomber killed 21 worshippers on Friday in a packed Shia mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia, residents and the health minister said, the first attack in the kingdom to be claimed by Islamic State militants. It was one of the deadliest assaults in recent years in the largest

  • Freddie Gray’s Death is a Call to Action for More South Asian Allies

    Freddie Gray’s Death is a Call to Action for More South Asian Allies

    By Yesha Maniar Brown Girl Magazine Freddie Gray. Baltimore. Police Brutality. Protest. #BlackLivesMatter. #AllLivesMatter. From status updates on Facebook to articles in the media, everyone continues to voice their opinion on the situation whether they agree or disagree with his arrest and ultimate death. And for those unfamiliar with the death of Gray, he was

  • ISIS takes Ramadi, hard choices face Iraq and US

    ISIS takes Ramadi, hard choices face Iraq and US

    By David Alpher The Conversation Last Friday, the city of Ramadi – provincial capital of Iraq’s Anbar Province, and symbolic seat of its Sunni population – fell to an ISIS assault. The loss is devastating, and not only because of the city’s size or symbolic value, or because it’s another reminder that ISIS is on

  • Who are the Rohingyas and why are they fleeing?

    Who are the Rohingyas and why are they fleeing?

    By Brian Pellot Religion News Service Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims live in squalor in Myanmar’s western Rakhine State. That number has been falling fast as thousands flee by land and sea in search of better lives and basic survival. Here’s a look at who the Rohingyas are and why they’re leaving Myanmar in

  • Awkward Muslim brings breath of fresh air to da’wah

    Awkward Muslim brings breath of fresh air to da’wah

    By Mahvish Irfan Humor can dramatically change the perception of “radical Islam” from a violent man beheading innocent people to a cool, bearded Muslim dude skateboarding flawlessly in a thobe and kufi. In fact, combining humor with social media is one of the most effective but underrated forms of spreading the message of Islam and

  • Muslims dream of revitalizing depressed Detroit community

    By Aatif Ali Bokhari TMO Managing Editor A Detroit Revival Engaging American Muslims (DREAM) held its annual dinner and celebration Saturday May 9 at the Cadillac Book Westin in downtown Detroit. Dubbed by one attendee as “the Muslim Habitat for Humanity,” DREAM has rehabilitated three houses since the group’s inception in 2012. Inspired by Chicago’s

  • Single childless Muslim women

    Single childless Muslim women

    By Fatima Adamou AltMuslimah I am thirty-seven, single and childless. The latter two of these three descriptive are taboo within the Muslim community. Whether you live in America, Pakistan or Egypt, if you are not attached to a husband and with a brood of children in tow, you are an outsider. Extended family and friends

  • US Muslims demand protection after threats

    OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – A leading American Muslim advocacy group has urged law enforcement authorities to step up protection of mosques and Islamic schools which received a series of attacks and threats after Texas’ Garland shooting earlier this week. “All Americans, regardless of faith, have the right to feel safe and secure in school

  • Should all Muslims be singled out for the actions of a few?

    By Usaid Siddiqui Religion News Service What followed after two gunmen were killed trying to carry out an attack on an anti-Muslim “Draw Muhammad Contest” was predictable. Pamela Geller, the organizer of the event,called for war, American Muslims condemned the attack, and the mainstream media rehashed the very old and exhausting debate about whether Islam

  • Dilruba Ahmed named Dempsey Writer in Residence

    Dilruba Ahmed has been named the Deborah Dempsey Resident at the Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. Established in 2000, the residency was created to honor Deborah Dempsey, former chair of the English Department at Springside School, upon her retirement from teaching. Since the inception of this program, hundreds of students, as well as English Department faculty,

  • Ahmed Ali wins top award at golf tourney

    PALO ALTO,CA–Ahmed Ali, a freshman high school student in Palo Alto, has won the League Champion award for the best individual golf score at the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League. He shot five strokes under par for a score of 66 at the SCVAL tournament, also won the top individual award for his performance in

  • First Somali officer in Minnesota

    MINNEAPOLIS,MN–Kadra Mohammed made history last week when she was sworn in as one of the Metro Transit Police Officers. She is the first sworn in female Somali officer in Minnesota and quite possibly the country. “It’s just a step forward, I plan on making more steps forward in my career, so I’m very excited for

  • The ethics of Everest

    The ethics of Everest

    By Michael Schulson Editor’s note: The following is reprinted with permission from Religion Dispatches. Follow RD on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates. It’s been a bloody couple of years on the world’s highest peak. In April 2014, an avalanche killed 16 Sherpa guides on Mount Everest. This week, at least 18 people, most of them Sherpas, are dead after

  • Islamic finance thrives in UK

    OnIslam & News Agencies CAIRO – Amid increasing support for Islamic finance, Shari’ah-complaint bank instruments have been gaining ground in the UK, with upsurge in its popularity among non-Muslims as well, British financial experts revealed. “Non-Muslim customers are attracted to Islamic finance because of the ethical way we conduct our business and also our approach

  • World Bank launches interfaith push to fight extreme poverty

    World Bank launches interfaith push to fight extreme poverty

    By Heather Adams Religion News Service The World Bank is teaming up with global religious leaders in a 15-year effort to end extreme poverty by 2030. About 35 religious groups worldwide, including Bread for the World, Islamic Relief, the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and Sojourners, endorsed the call to action. Supporters include Christians,

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