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  • Manitoba Muslims donate food during Ramadan

    WINNIPEG, MANITOBA–Winnipeg’s prominent sports personality Obby Khan kicked off the annual Give 30 campaign which encourages the community to donate to Winnipeg Harvest, the city’s largest food bank. Khan said it’s an important time for people in the community to remember charity in the month of Ramadan. “During the month, we fast from sunrise to

  • Hijabi competes for magazine cover

    Hijabi competes for magazine cover

    By Laura Fawaz, TMO contributing reporter Farmington Hills, MI–Rahaf Khatib of Farmington Hills is a marathon runner who is competing to become the first Muslim woman in hijab on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine. Khatib came across an ad while reading Runner’s World Magazine. The publication was looking for one male and one female

  • Muslim hero honored by NY mayor

    NEW YORK,NY–The Muslim employee who saved Jewish shoppers during a terrorist attack at a Paris kosher supermarket was honored last week in New York by Mayor Bill de Blasio. Lassana Bathily was presented with an official city proclamation on Friday by Mayor Bill de Blasio for his actions in the Hyper Cacher siege on Jan.

  • My Halal Kitchen halalifies global cuisine

    My Halal Kitchen halalifies global cuisine

    By Mahvish Irfan TMO contributing writer No global cuisine has to be off limits because of halal dietary restrictions. Dishes that include alcohol and pork, the two main ingredients prohibited for consumption in Islamic tradition, can all be “halalified,” or substituted with wholesome, quality products that’ll make your mouth water. Yvonne Maffei, Founder of My

  • Marietta mosque aims to expand

    MARIETTA,GA–The Suffa Dwat Centre mosque received approval last December in the face of stiff opposition from some neighbors and the city school. The mosque’s attorney Doug Dillard had then alleged that the council’s refusal of permission is in violation of religious freedom. He then threatened to sue the city for denying the applicants’ their right

  • GMAA holds successful dinner

    GMAA holds successful dinner

    By TMO contributing writer The Gujarati Muslim Association of America (GMAA) held its 26th Annual dinner on June 6 at the community center of the Turkish American Society in Chicago. It was a social event to bring awareness about philanthropic and motivational activities in the field of education among Muslims of Gujarat in India. Ahtesam

  • Moon fighting fiasco

    Moon fighting fiasco

    By Aslam Abdullah TMO contributing writer We argue on almost every issue and never feel shy of giving our expert decisive opinions on each of them believing that we are the ones who have mastered wisdom, knowledge and the blessings. One issue that we have never felt tired of talking is moon sighting, especially, at

  • Dynamic duo: Middlebury’s Muslim chaplains

    Dynamic duo: Middlebury’s Muslim chaplains

    By Julie Poucher Harbin Religion News Service Many of the country’s most prestigious universities have hired Muslim chaplains in recent years to offer spiritual support to their Muslim students. Middlebury College, one of America’s oldest liberal arts schools, outmatched them all. The small rural Vermont school hired Beau Latif Scurich and his wife, Naila Baloch,

  • US Muslims mourn Sheikh Al-Hanooti

    OnIslam Staff CAIRO – Funeral prayer services were held on Friday June 5 for Washington metropolitan area Mufti, Sheikh Muhammad al-Hanooti, 78, at National Memorial Park in northern Virginia. Leading American Muslim organizations and thousands of community members gathered in remembrance of the imam, counted as among the most respected scholars locally and across the

  • LaunchGood prepares unique 30 day challenge

    LaunchGood prepares unique 30 day challenge

    By Aatif Ali Bokhari TMO managing editor LaunchGood, a global crowd-funding platform that supports an all-encompassing range of positive Muslim initiatives, will be holding a one-of-a-kind 30 day giving challenge during the month of Ramadan. So how does it work? People sign up on LaunchGood.com and pledge that they will donate at least a dollar

  • How sports heroes give us all hope

    How sports heroes give us all hope

    Sports heroes for children are often a source of hope. For me, the 1986 New York Mets gave me hope amidst what many said was a hopeless situation in New York City.  Last Thursday, I had the unique opportunity to thank my heroes. 1986 was a difficult year for New York City and for the

  • Hijab ban encourages bias: French Muslims

    OnIslam & Newspapers More than a decade after imposing hijab ban in France, Muslims in the European country complained that the ban has given “cover” to acts of discrimination against their community. “What did we do wrong?” a Muslim child asked his mother after being barred from entering the inflatable toys on a temporary beach

  • HalalTrip helps Muslims plan halal-friendly travels

    HalalTrip helps Muslims plan halal-friendly travels

    By Mahvish Irfan TMO contributing writer As more Muslims tour the world like never before finding halal food, prayer areas and family-friendly entertainment will only become easier. Compared to other demographics the average Muslim is younger, more educated and carries a larger disposable income. A notable portion of this income goes towards travel. According to

  • A response to ‘Practicing Islam in Short Shorts’

    A response to ‘Practicing Islam in Short Shorts’

    By Hira Uddin Brown Girl Magazine Scrolling through my social media news feed, my thumb swiped upwards then abruptly downwards when I read Gawker’s headline “Practicing Islam in Short Shorts.” Since that first click, I have read Thanaa El-Naggar’s article several times because it has made me reflect on my experience, not just as a

  • ISIL suicide bomber kills 21 at Saudi Shia mosque

    By Sami Aboudi DUBAI (Reuters) – A suicide bomber killed 21 worshippers on Friday in a packed Shia mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia, residents and the health minister said, the first attack in the kingdom to be claimed by Islamic State militants. It was one of the deadliest assaults in recent years in the largest

  • Freddie Gray’s Death is a Call to Action for More South Asian Allies

    Freddie Gray’s Death is a Call to Action for More South Asian Allies

    By Yesha Maniar Brown Girl Magazine Freddie Gray. Baltimore. Police Brutality. Protest. #BlackLivesMatter. #AllLivesMatter. From status updates on Facebook to articles in the media, everyone continues to voice their opinion on the situation whether they agree or disagree with his arrest and ultimate death. And for those unfamiliar with the death of Gray, he was

  • ISIS takes Ramadi, hard choices face Iraq and US

    ISIS takes Ramadi, hard choices face Iraq and US

    By David Alpher The Conversation Last Friday, the city of Ramadi – provincial capital of Iraq’s Anbar Province, and symbolic seat of its Sunni population – fell to an ISIS assault. The loss is devastating, and not only because of the city’s size or symbolic value, or because it’s another reminder that ISIS is on

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