Cavium Network:Supplier of the Year

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Cavium Network:Supplier of the Year

Cavium Networks, a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for networking, communications, storage and security applications, today announced that it has received SonicWALL’s Supplier of the Year award for 2006. This award, which is provided annually to one SonicWALL supplier, recognizes Cavium for consistently delivering excellent product quality, timely delivery, flexible service and advanced technology during 2006. SonicWALL uses a wide range of Cavium’s products, including NITROX® security processors, NITROX Soho MIPS32® processors and OCTEON(TM) multi-core MIPS64® processors, across its various product lines.

“Cavium Networks is honored to receive this award from SonicWALL,” said Syed Ali, president and CEO of Cavium Networks. “We are committed to superior execution and customer service, while providing leading technology with the highest quality and reliability standards to our customers.”


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