Changing the World of Plastic Surgery

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Changing the World of Plastic Surgery

By Laura Fawaz, Contributing Reporter

khalique_2More often than not, when we think of plastic surgery, we think Hollywood.  But Dr. Khalique Zahir, is changing that perception. 

“My inspiration to go into medicine comes from my parent’s encouragement,” began Dr. Zahir, who is another valuable volunteer of IMANA, Islamic Medical Association of North America.  This doctor’s contribution is performing surgeries on a regular basis in countries such as Sudan, Ghana, Bangladesh and the Philippines.  He performs burn reconstructive surgery, cleft lip surgeries, and other congenital deformities that may require correction.  Volunteerism in medicine is something that Dr. Zahir is very passionate about, and this stems from his exposure to IMANA.  His family has been involved with this organization since the 1970’s, in efforts to promote medical and ethically responsible health care for all.

This was the best access for physicians who wanted to contribute their skills, and reach out to those areas of world that lack such physicians.  One of Dr. Zahir’s most rewarding aspects of his field is that it gives him the best opportunity to change the way people function daily.  “This is a skill set that those wishing to become a physician should go through with the intent of serving mankind for the greater good,” said Dr. Zahir. 

Growing up in West Virginia, Dr. Zahir is the son of a physician.  He completed undergraduate studies at Wake Forest University, and medical school at West Virginia School of Medicine.  He continued on with his residency in surgery at Yale University/ St Mary’s Hospital, and residency in plastic surgery at Vanderbilt University.  After completing his research training program at Yale is when he chose to go into private practice.  His practice, Aesthetique Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, LLC., came after his inspiration to go into this field of medicine during his research in the field while attending Yale.

Dr. Zahir has been practicing for the last 13 years in Virginia and Maryland.  “All people regardless of religious consciousness should help their neighbor, friend or those in need here and abroad, bearing in mind that to change the life of one person by giving them assistance is an act of compassion that may be their salvation,” said Dr. Zahir.


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