Community Activist Ahmed Khan Seeks Alderman office


CHICAGO,IL–Community activist Ahmed Khan is seeking the 50th Ward Aldermanic office in Chicago. He aims to bring a new direction and opportunities to an area which includes the South Asian hub of Devon Avenue. The area has been plagues by a host of problems in the recent past including traffic & parking woes, crime, and unrespoviness of the city hall to the area’s growing diversity.

“The 50th ward needs a new direction”, said Khan, “As alderman I can build bridges for new opportunities. The 50th Ward represents many diverse cultures, religions and ethnicities that are found all around the City that need true representation.” said Khan. “I’m running a grassroots campaign for City Council because I believe that the only way to solve the problems facing our Ward is through an open, honest government working in close collaboration with all communities bringing them together to help.”

“My work experience has spanned the greater Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs. I have worked in interfaith and multicultural platforms and made efforts towards building bridges. I have seen the needs of communities first hand and made efforts towards making sure available resources are provided. I feel it is a responsibility to take my experiences and skills developed as a professional community activist and organizer and bring them to serve my ward and City. I want to bring my successful endeavors in uniting communities to work together for the common good to the 50th ward of Chicago. The 50th ward needs a new, fresh direction. It is time for change in the 50th ward and the time is now.”

Khan faces an interesting contest ahead as he squares off against the incumbent grand old man of city council Bernard Stone, Debra Silverstein, an accountant and wife of State Senator Ira Silverstein, among others.

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    Yet the four challengers vying for Stone’s City Council seat — attorney Michael Moses, architect and community activist Greg Brewer, CPA Debra Silverstein, and 26-year-old community organizer Ahmed Khan