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Squash champ Hashim Khan in poor health

Hashim Khan, a former world squash champion, who lives in US is reportedly in poor health. His exact age his not known but family members say that he is above the age of 100.

Pakistan born Khan won first British Open title in 1951 at an age when most retire and then six more championships after that. He later traveled to America to raise a family of 12 and help hook a younger generation on the sport.

Over the last six months, his health has drastically deteriorated. Hospice workers are now providing around-the-clock care for him at his home.

Khan brought his family to the U.S. in the early 1960s after being offered a lucrative deal to teach squash at the Uptown Athletic Club in Detroit. He later took a pro position at the Denver Athletic Club in the early ‘70s, with membership instantly soaring.

Aftab Ahmed appointed lead designer

Discountwebdesigns.net  announced that it has just reached and agreement for its new lead designer Aftab Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed comes with years of experience in WordPress Design as well as an extensive background in Graphic Design and is a leading Photoshop Designer as well.

Mr. Ahmed said, “I am so excited about being able to work in such a creative environment, I have found a home at Discount Web Designs. This will be the first time that I will be able to have the absolute creative freedom and control.”

Terry Link – Founder and Chief Project Manager of Discountwebdesigns.net believes that the addition of Mr. Ahmed will greatly enhance the already formidable capabilities of Discountwebdesigns.net to keep pace with the ever-changing technology.

“I am delighted that Aftab has decided to join us in our quest to being the best web designers in the business. Aftab brings with him a wealth of knowledge as well as an energy that I believe will help catapult our company.



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