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Community News (V11-I12)

Hundreds Join Jewish-Muslim peace walk

TUCSON, AZ–More than 250 people participated in the 6th Annual Jewish-Muslim Peace walk in Tucosn last Sunday. The annual event has become a major source of interfaith solidarity in the Tucson area.

The goal of the event is to promote mutual understanding and to talk about “what’s going on,” said Rabbi Thomas Louchheim, 52, of Congregation Or Chadash.
“It’s good for Tucson,” he said, explaining that his personal goal is for understanding in the Tucson community. “I’m not looking to have a greater impact.”

Farid Farooqi, imam at the Islamic Center of Tucson, took this as an opportunity to also promote understanding.

“If you have differences, that’s fine.” he said. “It’s just like a brother and sister in a home.”

Owais Durrani selected for CA reporters program

MIAMI, FL—CA, the prominent IT management company, has selected Owais Durrani for its  CA Course Reporters program.

The CA Course Reporters program gives three deserving youths from The First Tee’s National Scholar program the opportunity to become the eyes and ears of the WGC – CA Championship for golf fans all around the world and share their unique experiences through their own blog at

Owais Durrani, a senior at Bellaire High School in Bellaire, Texas, is a member of The First Tee of Houston at FM Law Park, where he is a junior instructor. Durrani is heavily involved in numerous organizations, including the Arabic Club, the Muslim Student Associations, the Robotics Club and the National Honor Society, in addition to The First Tee. Next fall, Durrani plans to pursue a degree in Political Science and Communications.

“The CA Course Reporters program is a great way to help teach kids the values, character and skills needed to be successful both on and off the course,” said Bill Hughes, senior vice president, Corporate Communications for CA. “The First Tee works extremely hard in making a difference in the lives of youths, and the opportunity to work with them on this program is an unforgettable experience. The CA corps of reporters’ unique coverage and firsthand experience of the tournament will give young golf fans everywhere instant access and a refreshing one-of-a-kind look into a world-class golf event.”

Snoop Dog joins Nation of Islam

World famous rapper, Snoop Dog was spotted at the Nation of Islam convention at an annual event held in Rosemont, Illinois on March 1.

Snoop Dog, born as Calvin Broadus has often praised minister Louis Farrakhan of the convention. He was also spotted applauding Farrakhan for his speech at the event and has been encouraging the others to join the movement.

When you get a speech from Minister Farrakhan it’s about a mirror, it’s about looking at yourself,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“It’s about seeing yourself and what you can do to better the situation… We’re doing a lot of wrongs among ourselves that need correcting,” he added.

Snoop Dog was questioned if he would be converting to the nation of Islam, for which he replied, “I’m already in the Nation, that’s why I’m here. I’m an advocate for peace. I’ve been in the peace movement ever since I’ve been making music.

“My whole thing is not about really trying to push my thing on you. It’s just about the way I live, and I live how I’m supposed to live as far as doing what’s right and representing what’s right. That’s why I was here today.”

Muslim life in the Panhandle

PANHANDLE, FL—Hiba Rahim spoke to a meeting of the Walton County Democratic Women’s Club last week at Coastal Branch Library about life in the Panhandle as a Muslim woman and answered questions from the group.

Panama City is home to one of the largest Islamic communities in America, which opened one of the first Islamic schools in the nation. Rahim estimates there are approximately 100 Muslim families living in Panama City, mostly in gated communities, and most are doctors.

“My religion mandates my being covered from head to toe. I wear this by choice. It’s not a symbol of subjugation,” said the young woman. “I cover because I am worshipping my creator and not exposing myself to any male who will take advantage. This is the view of the Muslim faith. Islam wants to protect the woman.”

Rahim likened it to owning a large diamond. “If you walk outside with it on you are taking risks. To protect it you would cover it up,” she said.

Pakistani Americans to hold symbolic march

WASHINGTON D.C.– The Pakistan American National Alliance (PANA), a US-wide coalition of Pakistani-American organizations, held a press conference at the Capitol Building in DC on Wednesday, March 11 to show solidarity for Pakistan’s nation-wide long march for the reinstatement of the sacked judges and an independent judiciary.

The press conference  urged the Obama Administration and the US Congress to support the movement, and Congressman Andre Carson  read a “Dear Colleague Letter.”

“The long march being held in Pakistan on March 12th represents a significant milestone for Pakistan’s civil society. If the Obama Administration does not wish to squander the progress being made to strengthen the nation’s civil society then they must demonstrate with unequivocal resolve and consistent rhetoric the nation’s annunciation for an independent judiciary,” says PANA Chair Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Toor.

In solidarity, PANA will also hold a symbolic long march through the streets of DC, beginning at the National Mall (7th/ Madison) and ending at the Pakistani embassy in a uniformed caravan trek of cars holding banners, car placards, and posters.

This is but one of many such symbolic marches being held around the world in support of the Long March in Pakistan that will start from Quetta and Karachi simultaneously on March 12.


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