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Community News (V11-I25)

Mosque plans gain approval in Columbia County

MARTINEZ, GA–The Islamic Society of Augusta has obtained permission from the Columbia County Planning Commission to construct a mosque. The commission has rezoned less than acre of property that will provide additional land for the project.

The Society has plans to construct a 30,000 sq.ft. community center, which included a prayer hall, a multi-purpose room for special events, and 11 classrooms.

The Planning Commissioners unanimously passed the resolution last month.

The Society has decided to name the complex after three youths who were killed in a tragic inter-state 20 crash in 2005. It will be called TIE Center. Each letter in “TIE” represents the first letter in the first names of Tariq Fischer, Imran Khan and Ebadullah Hasan.

Muhammad Ali Center & Alltech philanthropy

LOUISVILLE,KY– Biotechnology firm Alltech and the  Muhammad Ali Center announced a joint initiative at Alltech’s International Health and Nutrition Symposium.  Alltech president and founder, Dr. Pearse Lyons presented Muhammad and Lonnie Ali a check for $50,000 to establish the Alltech – Muhammad Ali Center Global Education and Charitable Fund.  The focal point of the fund is education. Alltech and the Muhammad Ali Center will stress programs that positively impact others around the world, promote excellence and achieving one’s potential.  The fund will have humanitarian and artistic components as well.

“The Muhammad Ali Center is delighted to be associated with Alltech and to announce a global education and charitable fund that will combine the goals and efforts of our two entities,” said Greg Roberts, president and CEO of the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville. “Both of our institutional goals include social responsibility and education. This fund will help us to have greater impact around the world.”

Zia Rahman passes away, South Jersey Muslim leader

VOORHEES, NJ– Zia Rahman, a pillar of the Muslim community in South Jersey passed away on Tuesday. He was the managing director of the Muslim American Community Association and a long time interfaith activist.

It was largely due to his efforts that a Voorhees mosque was built despite stiff opposition. The mosque was officially inaugurated in 2006.

He was praised by the area’s Mayor and interfaith leaders. “Zia was a wonderful ambassador for Voorhees,” said Mayor Michael Mignogna.  He served on the township’s diversity council and Camden County’s Human Relations Commission.
The Muslim community deeply mourns his loss.

Germantown Maryland group wants to build mosque

GERMANTOWN, MD–The Islamic Society of Germantown has bought an acre of land in the area and announced its plans to construct a mosque. It has submitted its plans to the county’s Planning Department and hopes to have a decision by the end of the the year. There are an estimated 200-300 Muslim families in the area.

Plans include a two story, 10,00-12,000 sq.ft. mosque, classrooms, and seating for about 230 people. The multi-purpose center would also host weddings, funerals, prayers and other events.

The project is expected to cost around $900,000.

Synagogue opens its doors for Muslims

RESTON, VA–Away from the conflicts of the Middle East, Muslim and Jews are cooperating in a unique manner in Virginia. The Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation in Reston has opened its doors on Fridays for Muslims to conduct the Jumuah prayers.

“We think it’s important to promote understanding between faiths,” said Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk in an interview to TV8.

“We share common values, common concerns. A relationship has to be built always on trust. And I think we’ve really built that trust,” said Imam Mohammed Magid of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society.


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