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Community News V12-I28

New mosque in Fontana

FONTANA, CA–Despite the troubling economy local Muslims in Fontana have pulled together enough to open the Ar-Rahman Islamic Center’s brand new facility.
The 8,000 square-foot mosque at the corner of Sierra and Miller avenues features an imported prayer carpet from Turkey valued at more than $12,000.

Apart from the mosque the center houses offices, a multi-purpose room and a classroom for Muslim education.

The mosque’s original community consisted of ten families in 2003. Since then it has increased to about 125 families.

Arson suspected in Georgia mosque fire

MARIETTA,GA–The Council on American Islamic Relations has asked the FBI to investigate a suspicious fire which destroyed a mosque in Marietta.

Fires set upstairs and downstairs at the Islamic Center of Marietta caused about $100,000 damage to the converted house. Along with the two fires, evidence of forced entry pointed to arson, fire officials said.

Prayer services had ended and the mosque had been locked less than an hour before the blaze started, mosque members told the newspaper. Firefighters, who got the call at about 11:30 p.m., arrived to find flames pouring from the front and back of the mosque, officials said.

Call for Muslim holiday in New York

NEW YORK, NY–More than 150 Muslim students, parents and their supporters went to the New York city authorities, to say they want citywide school holidays for two Muslim religious observances.

“I want the Mayor to know everyone has rights and we want our holiday off,” said student Anas Shuaib.

City Council Education Committee Chair, Robert Jackson, sponsored that resolution. “Over 12 percent of the city’s 1.1 million school children are Muslim, and our children deserve to have their holiday like everyone else,” he said.

Rally organizers say 95 percent of Muslim students attend public schools. The issue became controversial when the all-important state standardized tests were given on one of the Muslim holidays. Many children and their families stay out of school for the observances.

Supporters of the Muslim school holiday were not pleased about the mayor’s answer today. “This city will do everything it can to protect Muslim’s rights to get together and practice their religion, we just cannot have any more school holidays,” Bloomberg said.

Top 10 Muslims Flourishing in Hollywood

By Mariam,

It is quite interesting to see how Muslim actors, singers, directors, screenwriters and more are gaining much needed success in Hollywood. The reason I say much needed success is because these famous Muslims can inspire many young, Muslim American’s to achieve their dreams without fearing rejections or lack of opportunities.

In a survey conducted by, ten famous Muslims working in the showbiz were picked:

1. Kamran Pasha; he was born in Pakistan and moved to America at the age of three, Kamran made a name for himself by directing, producing and writing screenplays all of which are quite successful. Some of the famous work he was involved in includes; sleeper cell, bionic woman, kings and Miriam.

2. Shohreh Aghdashoo; Emmy winner Iranian born Muslim actresses is known for taking compelling and complex roles that showcase her talent in acting. Some of her most famous work includes; the Stoning of Soraya M, 24, the House of Sadam and many more.

3. Dave Chappelle; the hilarious actor and comedian is unbelievably talented. Every minor role he played made people like him more and more and when ‘the Dave Chappelle show’ debuted in 2003 he got even more prominent, Dave is said to have converted to Islam in 1998, in 2005 Dave retired for unknown reasons.

4. Mara Brock Akil; successful writer and producer, Mara is famous for her hit series which include, the Jamie Fox show, Girlfriends, Moesha etc. she and husband Salim Akil are Sufi Muslims who have pride in their faith.

5. Said Taghmouie; the Moroccan French actor is flourishing in Hollywood, with roles such as Breaker in G.I. Joe: the Rise of the Cobra, Caesar in Lost, the Kite Runner etc.

6. Axis of Evil comedy trio; Ahmad Ahmad , Maz Jobrani and Aaron Kader, they appeared in numerous movies and made thousands of people laugh at their comedy tour, their joked about the Arabs and about the Americans making their jokes well balanced.

7. Aasif Mandvi; the Mumbai-born Muslim actor/comedian is known mostly for being a correspondent at the Daily Show with John Stewart. Aasif also played minor roles in the proposal, Spiderman 2, freedom world etc.

8. Sayed Badreya: the Egyptian actor migrated to America because of the poverty he was living in and became known to be the first Arabic actor to play an Arabic role in Hollywood. Sayed is acknowledged for his role in Don’t Mess with the Zohan. He also formed ‘Zoom in Focus’ a Production Company that focuses on Arab-based and Muslim based short films.

9. Moss, Azher Usman and Mo Amer; the Allah made me Funny Comedy trio. They are open about their faith and proud to be Muslims. Moss has written sketches for Darrell Hammond on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ for George Lopez on ‘the George Lopez show,’ and for Damon Wayans.

10. Irfan Khan, Khalid Abdalla and A.R Rahman; Irfan Khan the Indian actor became well known in Hollywood for his roles in Slumdog millionaire and a mighty heart. Whilst Khalid Abdalla who has Egyptian heritage became well known for playing a leading heroic role in ‘the Kite Runner’. A.R Rahman the Bollywood musician became widely recognized after he won an Oscar for his music in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

Other famous Muslim celebs include rapper Mos Def, comedian Aziz Ansari, and writer Michael Wolfe.


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