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Community News (V12-I46)

Muslim, Jewish doctors unite to help the needy in Detroit and elsewhere

DETROIT,MI–In cooperation with the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the Islamic Society of North America, the New York-based Foundation for Ethnic Understanding (FFEU) has held the third edition of the Weekend of Twinning of mosques and synagogues. This year’s events involved more than 200 mosques, synagogues, communal and student groups in over 20 countries world-wide. Muslim and Jewish students and young leadership groups were invited to form partnerships and joint programs together, with the goal of building communication ties, reconciliation and cooperation between the two religions.

“I am proud to see so many join in on the Weekend of Twinning rather than joining in the chorus of unacceptance choosing instead to confront Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and bigotry head-on,” FFEU President and WJC Vice-President Rabbi Marc Schneier told the Israeli newspaper ‘Haaretz’, adding that the event “has time and time again shown us that Jews and Muslims can not only live together peacefully as neighbors, but also partner together to build a better community at large.”

As part of the project in Detroit health care professionals saw about 120 people, and about a quarter needed treatment or follow-up visits.

The fair marks the second collaboration of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan and the Jewish Community Relations Council. Muslims last Christmas Day joined Jews for Mitzvah Day, their largest annual day of volunteering.

Vermont interfaith group hopes to work with Muslims

BURLINGTON,VT–The Vermont Interfaith Action group is seeking partnerships with faiths including Muslims. The group’s director has already spoken to a Muslim student group and hopes to stengthen the relationship.
Participating congregations each form a small working group of members who work with the director on specific issues and help mobilize their broader community for meetings and action. Each organization also makes a financial contribution to support the nonprofit, adding up to about 10 percent to 15 percent of the total $115,000 annual operating budget, which is mostly grant- and foundation supported.

“Although we have different faiths,” VIA board President Virginia Munkelwitz said, “we come together on values.”

For more information on Vermont Interfaith Action, call 651-8889 or go to

Michigan’s only Mexican halal restaurant attracts all

DEARBORN, MI–Enthusiasts of Mexican who want to follow the Islamic dietary rules often find it hard to satisfy their taste buds due to the lack of halal restaunts catering to their needs. But as North America’s Muslim grows  followed by the diversity in tastes businesses are capitalizing on this niche. Fuedo Grill which opened earlier this year in the city of Dearborn is an example of the growing trend. It has successfully showed how with some effort Mexican cuisine can be adapted to halal rules.

The restaurant overcomes the prohibition on pork by replacing it with beef or chicken. The owner told the Metro Times that he uses a chicken-based chorizo using vinegar, cumin and a paste of dried Mexican peppers. The taste of the substitute is so good that he says it has “fooled many Mexicans.”

It is probably for this reason that despite Fuedo Grill not serving any of the prohibited items it continues to be as popular among non-Muslims as among Muslims.
With the rise in the number of Hispanic-American Muslims it is expected that a new trend of halal Mexican restaurants will catch on. The Hispanic American population is anywhere from 70,000 to 200,000 according to some reports.

Kentucky mosque granted permission

MAYFIELD,KY–The Mayfield, Kentucky city zoning board gave full approval to a Somali group looking to use a vacant storefront as a Muslim mosque.The board originally approved the mosque on August 10.

After public outcry, they reversed the decision on August 24.Weeks later the ACLU got involved and they’ve been meeting with the board off and on.We’ll give you the full story tonight at five.


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