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Community News (V13-I18)

Daniyal Khan wins national video contest

HARTFORD,CT–Daniyal N. Khan, a student at Berlin High School has won a national video contest for his video about the element hydrogen and has been invited to Philadelphia to receive his award from the Chemical Heritage Foundation.

His video won the individual category in the It’s Elemental video contest, part of the foundation’s program to promote the International Year of Chemistry. Khan and 10 others will receive $5,000 grants sponsored by Dow Chemical Co.

Sun Prairie Planning Commission rejects mosque proposal

MADISON, WI–Sun Prairie’s Plan Commission is recommending that a mosque not be granted a permit to operate in the Nature’s Preserve Office Park, citing opposition from neighboring businesses over traffic and parking concerns, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

The 6-0 commission vote against the permit application came Tuesday at a meeting attended by about 40 members and supporters of the mosque.

Afterward, Fayaz Suleman, the secretary and treasurer of the mosque board, said he was disappointed and unsure of the mosque’s next move.

Tuesday’s vote was advisory only. The Sun Prairie City Council is expected to take up the issue May 3.

Halal meals for the asking

MUNCIE,IN –A growing list of universities in US and Canada are now trying to accomodate the dietary needs of their Muslim students. But there are still some institutions where Muslim students are not offered a halal option due to logistical or other reasons. Administrators at Ball State University in Indiana say that there is not much demand for halal meals on their campus, reports the campus newspaper.

“[Dining can’t do anything] unless there is one individual who says, ‘Can you help me?’ and we can order it,” said Elizabeth Poore, assistant director of operations for Ball State Dining.

Ball State Dining has ordered halal specially for individuals who requested the foods in the past, but dining offers halal on a case-by case basis.

For other holidays that require special diets, dining services tries to accommodate students, such as Muslim students who fast from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, Poore said.

American architecture & culture influenced by Islamic traditions: expert

DALLAS, TX–The depth of Islamic influences on American architecture and culture is more than what is widely assumed said Dr. Hussein Rashid while delivering a lecture on “Everyday “Art: the Islamic Contribution on American Arts” at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

“[Islamic influences in art] are political statements . . . an expression of multiple identities, of being American and of being Muslim. Being Muslim-American is not a disconnect, but rather a long and rich tradition,” Rashid was reported as saying by the SMU Daily.

Rashid applauded the role of  television shows for discussing what it means to be Muslim-American.

“The night news hours is no longer where people get informed… the things that tie people together are primetime watercolor shows,” he said.


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