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Community News (V15-I46)

Abdul Malik Mujahid to receive interfaith award

CHICAGO, IL–The South West Interfaith Team (SWIFT), an interfaith group working in the Chicago area, will mark its 10th anniversary with a dinner on Nov. 10, 2013 in Palos Park.

It will also present its A Faith in Humanity Award  to Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, chairman of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, for his contributions to interfaith relations. Tickets are $18 and information on the program and purchasing tickets may be obtained

Islamic Speakers Bureau’s Awards Dinner Held

ATLANTA,GA–The Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta annual Building Bridges Awards dinner was held on November 2, 2013. The bureau presents the awards annually to individuals and organizations in the metro Atlanta area who have made significant contributions toward interfaith and multicultural understanding while partnering with the organization.

The lifetime achievement award was given to Rev.Dr. Gerald Durley, pastor emeritus at Providence Missionary Baptist Church.

The DeKalb County Public Library and the Marist School were the recipients of the  Building Bridges Awards. The DeKalb County Public Library is part of a national effort to offer a “Muslim bookshelf,” providing books, film and other resources about Muslims in the U.S. the bureau said. The Marist School invited the ISB to provide regular speakers to talk about the Muslim community.

Mosque opens in Co-op City

BRONX,NY–The Muslim community in Bronx opened a new prayer facility in Co-op city to cater to cater to growing population. With help from a group of  inter-faith leaders they were able to successfully complete the project.

Sheikh Moussa Drammeh told the New York Daily News that he received tremendous support from Bishop Angelo Rosario of the Church of God’s Children.

“This is an incredible achievement for us as a community,” Rosario said on Friday. “To me, it’s about trying to bring unity and peace among all of the denominations, all of the religions.”

City of Frederick honored with interfaith award

FREDERICK, MD–The City of Frederick was honored for its active efforts in promoting inter-faith understanding by the Maryland-based organization Clergy Beyond Borders.

“Frederick sets an example of diversity and acceptance through its work at the Frederick Police Academy, its open-minded citizens and efforts to include all parts of the community in city events,” Clergy Beyond Borders president Imam Yahya Hendi told the Frederick News Post. .


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