Community Service Day at Pakistan Center


Khalid Khan getting the Plaque of Life Time Achievement Award of PAAGH from Honorable Consul General of Pakistan Afzaal Mahmmod: President of PAAGH Tasleem Siddiqui and Chad Khan of HBDi Looks On…

Consulate of Pakistan to Arrange Community Service Day at Pakistan Center in Partnership with PAAGH on Second Saturday of the Next Three Months: Welcoming Event for Honorable Afzaal Mahmood at Pakistan Center

Houston, Texas: This past Sunday Khalid Khan of Capricorn Travel and former President of the Pakistani-American Association of Greater Houston (PAAGH) received the coveted “Life Time Achievement Award of PAAGH” at Pakistan Center, for his untiring community services. Recently Khalid Khan has played instrumental role in getting the high overdue taxes penalties’ on Pakistan Center, and has got its note refinanced for a reasonably lower amount of under $1 million. The appraised value of Pakistan Center is said to be over $2 Million.

All this information was relayed by Khalid Khan and Tasleem Siddiqui (present President of PAAGH), at a special event arranged to welcome the new Consul General of Pakistan. Other speakers, who touted this achievement were Mian Shabbir and Ghulam Bombaywala; and they informed how this Pakistan Center has been used for humanitarian services, especially when any unfortunate calamity hits Pakistan or locally in USA.

Emcees of the evening were Vice President of PAAGH Asif Waheed and Farah Khan.

After rendering good services to the Pakistani Community, Honorable Consul General of Pakistan Muhammad Aqil Nadeem in Houston was replaced by Honorable Afzaal Mahmood. Representative Organization of the Pakistani Community in Houston PAAGH this past Sunday arranged a befitting and largely attended welcoming party for Honorable Afzaal Mahmood and his wife.

“What we have seen in him, we have found him to be most intelligent, simple, and a person, who can properly analyze personalities’,” informed President of PAAGH Mr. Tasleem Siddiqui, talking about the new Consul General of Pakistan.

Pakistan Center was beautifully decorated and sumptuous appetizers & food was served to the large number of Pakistanis that had gathered to welcome the new Consul General.

Talking on the occasion, Honorable Consul General Afzaal Mahmood congratulated the trustees and executive members of PAAGH for their volunteering services and establishing of Pakistan Center, which he said are not that many around the world. He said he has learned that there are people, who do not like the location & sight of this Pakistan Center. He said their viewpoint should be listened to with all the respect, but to totally abandon ones’ birthplace or parents is not a good trait: This initial Pakistan Center is just like that.

Honorable Consul General Afzaal Mahmood announced that rather than putting his pictures in the newspapers, local newspaper media should inform the community that Consulate of Pakistan will be organizing “Community Service Day” from 9am till 5pm on the second Saturday of each of the next three months, and if it goes well, this community services of consular servers will be continued. He himself will join in this effort, which will start with the first community services day on Saturday, January 11th, 2014. He added that it will be good if doctors, family counselors, and people of other expertise can also render their services for the community at Pakistan Center on this day, it will be extremely useful.

Honorable Consul General Afzaal Mahmood informed that just like all the Pakistanis, he is well aware of importance and need of Pakistani Consulate to be in a centrally located place in and around the Galleria; and for that he has sent a special request to the authorities in Pakistan. He said his doors are open, and if someone reaches the consulate after traveling long distance, lets’ say from Sugar Land, and wants to see him, if he is at the Consulate, he will readily meet.


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