Congratulations, Mr. President-Elect

By Dr. AS Nakadar, TMO Publisher

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This is an unbelievable and historic moment for the United States of America.  It is now up to you, Mr. President-elect, to show the USA and the world that the course you will chart out will be historical as well. 

We believe you are a man with a vision and a man of the future, who will guide this nation to a new course, one with a bright future. Change is coming to America.

Your victory is a defining moment that is comparable with Neil Armstrong setting his foot on the moon. It is a defining moment comparable to the crumbling of the Berlin wall.  You have torn down the glass walls that existed between the various peoples of America–distinctions of skin color, race, ethnicity, and of religion. Today America has healed the wounds of the past.

Many could not even imagine this day, especially 45 years ago when Dr. Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream” speech.  This is the American revolution of grandeur. This is the product of the civil rights struggles of the 1960’s.

This is an American greatness. Americans through  the ages have learned to become tolerant of the peoples who form it. This is the measure of its civility.

Few have yet grasped the importance and significance of this great event. Imagine an African American speaking from the Rose Garden.

Or President Obama holding a press conference on the South Lawn, or greeting foreign heads of state in his oval office. Imagine an African-American family living in the White House, the images it will carry world wide. It will be of enormous importance to the world, and especially to you and me.

This is a great lesson for us and for our coming generations. We shouldn’t despair about our condition.

Yes, we are passing through a critical phase, but not as bad as that experienced by our African American brothers, only 60 years ago.

We are in a better position as compared to that time. This event inspires us and especially our progeny, that this great country will provide an opportunity to bring change or to make history–you just have to believe it is possible, and work very hard for it.


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