Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA) Requesting Resumes for 111th Congress

Press Release from J. Saleh Williams, MPA


With the transition to the 111th Congress, there will be many new job opportunities in the U.S. Congress. The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association (CMSA) is pleased to announce our call for resumes to be included in a CMSA Resume Book. It is an objective of the CMSA to increase diversity on Capitol Hill through the recruitment, retention and promotion of Muslims and people of color in staff positions throughout Congressional Offices and Committees.

Please carefully read the following directions to submit your resume into the CMSA Resume Book:

Eligibility for Resume Submission: Resumes are requested from individuals who:

* Display strong educational, professional, and social experiences relevant to a career in a fast paced, policy-focused, constituency-responsive work environment.

* Live in a geographical vicinity that allows applicants to easily attend in-person job interviews in Washington DC, and to start work immediately upon hiring.

Resumes must be submitted to by Friday, November 28th at NOON. Resumes should be no longer than two pages in length and display your full name and contact information on both pages. Please attach your resume to an email as a word document.

Congressional Positions: in the Subject heading of the email please include your full name followed by the position you are seeking.

Example: Subject: Fatimah Hassan, Legislative Director

Please use the following titles to classify the position you are seeking:

* Chief of Staff

* Committee – Professional Staff

* Committee – Counsel

* Legislative Director

* Legislative Assistant

* Press

* Scheduling

* Legislative Correspondent

* Staff Assistant

If you are considering more than one position, please state your top choice in the subject heading and your preferences in order of "1st Priority" and "2nd Priority" in the body of the email.

Please note the following:

* The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association’s role is limited to the distribution of submitted resumes through the CMSA Resume Book.

* There is no guarantee that all submitted resumes will be included in the CMSA Resume Book.

* The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association will send the CMSA Resume Book to new Members of Congress, Committees, Leadership Offices, and other Congressional Member Offices and administrative offices in Congress (CAO, Clerks Office, Sergeant at Arms, etc.) upon request of such offices.

* The Congressional Muslim Staffers Association will request that employers not release the information in the CMSA Resume Book except for employment related purposes.

* The CMSA makes no warranty with respect to the accuracy or completeness of resumes.

The CMSA also highly recommends that job seekers submit their resumes through established methods:

1. Electronically submit resumes to House of Representatives at

2. Submit at least 60 hard copies of your resume to House of Representatives (B-240 Longworth House Office Building, Washington, DC, 20515)

3. Electronically submit resumes to U.S. Senate at

We look forward to your participation in this effort! Please send an email to with any questions. To learn more about the CMSA, please read the One Nation feature "Muslims on Capitol Hill: Congressional Muslim Staffers Association" at


All the Best,

J. Saleh Williams, MPA

Program and Outreach Coordinator

Congressional Muslim Staffers Association

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