Congressmen Against American Interests

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah, TMO Editor in Chief

They call them the supporter of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. They show their unwavering support to the state of Israel. They believe in a greater Israel. Most of them have religious grounds to support the Jewish state in the Middle East.

They are willing to go to any length to show their support to the leaders of Israel, regardless whether they are right wing or left wing. They are eager to spend over $132,000 dollars of American tax payers money for each and every Israeli every, even though right in their backyard, thousands of Americans are on the streets and some 44 million without any insurance.

If they have so much love for Israel, why they do not migrate to Israel and work for what they believe is God’s property given to Jews.

Yet, neither Republican nor Democratic congressmen who support the state of Israel would ever think of moving to the state of Israel.

What is ironic is that Christian Congressmen support Israel because according to their twisted religious logic–without an expanded Israel, Jesus would never return to earth. The Jewish congressmen support the state because it is their state.

None of these congressmen are concerned about justice or fairness or a balanced policy or even American interests.

By Supporting a Palestinian state and pushing for it, America will have the following advantage.

1. Christian and Jewish congressmen who support Israel will at least live up to their Biblical ideals of standing up for justice and fairness.
2. America and Israel will be able to develop better relations with countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
3. America and Israel will be able to reach to over 1.4 billion new consumers who are so far alienated.
4. America and Israel will be able to live up to the ideals they preach to the world that human dignity is the essence of human civilization.
5. America and Israel will be able to make a positive contribution towards establishing peace in earth.
6. The philosophy of those who are hateful and who use violence to achieve their political goals will be defeated.
7. America and Israel will stop the bloodshed.

But these advantages can be seen only by those who are fair minded.

In our analysis, most of our congressmen and the majority of the Republican party are neither fair nor concerned about American interests, no matter what they say about it.

They have no respect for human life if it is not of their type of people. They do not care about a Palestinian or Muslim life–or even a Christian or Jewish life if it is not that of a white person.

We must realize that for as long as these congressmen are there in Washington, things are not going to change. Things will change only when people at the grassroots level develop an alliance of fair minded people for justice. Justice in the Middle East in the context of Palestinians means the following

1. Palestinians must have their own state.
2. Palestinian refugees in different parts of the world must be allowed to return.
3. Israel must fully compensate for the destruction and uprooting of Palestinians from their homeland.
4. Jews must live in peace in their own state whose boundaries should be clearly defined.
5. Terror tactics on the part of the Jewish state and the Palestinian groups must come to an end.

Without these five essentials peace will not come easily in Palestine. The interest of America does not lie in one-sided support for the state of Israel, but in developing a fair policy focused on securing justice for all.


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