Constructing an Eternal Home; Which Do We Choose?

Two- Day Eternal Destination Seminar 

By Noor H. Salem

noorsalemOver 100 youth and adults gathered on both Saturday April 13th and Sunday April 14th at the Islamic Center of Detroit for a unique and heart trembling event. Brother Suleiman Salem, a hafith and the current imam at the Islamic Society of Greater East Lansing masjid conducted his extraordinary seminar for the second time. It was a two day seminar which ran approximately five hours on Saturday, from 10am until 3pm, regarding deep and intense knowledge of Hellfire. Sunday lasted until 2pm, but was valued greatly with the subject matter- the bliss of Paradise. There was amazing refreshments including fresh fruit platters, fresh vegetables, bakery pastries, and sweets like cookies and muffins.

Those who registered for the seminar prior to the event were emailed substantive notes outlining the depth of the entire lecture. There was enough room to write notes, which many in the room actually did. There was a question and answer session every hour, and it was surprising how many questions were streaming through. If the audience seemed to daze off, which was very rare, Br. Suleiman felt comfortable tossing mini chocolate bars into the audience, greatly hyping people again.

The seminar described the two eternal homes, analogies for how short life really is, and simple and easy deeds to make it to Paradise. He gave a very deep description of Paradise, including houses, food, animals, and people. But he did not just describe it or make it seem like a dream far away. No, he gave habits and acts that allow one to enter the gates of Paradise, including but not limited to praying, sponsoring an orphan, and fasting. This is what made this seminar so unique. The speaker did not just say facts and descriptions; he prescribed the audience with what they need to make it there. The audience left in awe, both in hope and fear, which he balanced very well.

In fact, the audience was so amazed at how much new knowledge they learned during day one that many brought more friends and family to register for Sunday’s continued event. It was a great turn out and most importantly according to feedback, many people felt like they walked away with a new vision for life.

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