Crescent Chicken Patties Selected by ShopRite Stores

Plated Chicken Pattie Chicago, IL – Crescent Foods announces that ShopRite has selected Crescent Chicken Patties as the healthy value choice for stores in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

ShopRite selected Crescent Chicken Patties for their nutrition-conscious consumers. The patties are pure fresh grain-fed chicken, with no preservatives, no artificial ingredients. The birds are raised cage-free and healthy, for better flavor worthy of Halal certification.

“Unlike most fast food chicken patties, ours offer high flavor and low fat. That allows parents to serve their families just what they want, but still know it is also good for them,” said Ahmad Adam, founder and CEO of Crescent Foods.

ShopRite is introducing patties in three of the seven available flavors: Original, BBQ, and Gyros. The frozen patties are packaged in boxes of eight quarter-pound patties. They can be sautéd or grilled, quickly and easily right from the frozen state. They may be served with eggs for a lower fat breakfast, on a bun or pita, cut in strips on a salad or over pasta with a favorite sauce.

ShopRite is the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States. Crescent Foods is the largest provider of premium Halal poultry in the country.

Crescent Foods Patties Group

For more information, contact Crescent Foods 1-800-939-6268


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  1. Ahmed Hussain, Falls Church
    Ahmed Hussain, Falls Church says:

    Update as of July 25, 2010: Shoprite no longer carries the Crescent Chicken Patties.