Dana Mohammad-Zadeh receives top student award

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Dana Mohammad-Zadeh receives top student award

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NORMAN,OK–Dana Mohammed-Zadeh, a graduating student at Oklahoma University, is receiving a series of honors for her outstanding performance.

This week she received a silver medal and was among a group of students who were chosen by a student, faculty and staff committee based on their leadership, scholarship and service, to OU, according to the event program. She also received the outstanding commuter student award.

Next week she will receive 2012 Carl Albert Award which is presented annually to the outstanding senior in the OU College of Arts and Sciences, based on academics, moral character and future service to the state.

Mohammad-Zadeh will receive a plaque and a check for $2,500, and will attend a ceremony with OU President David Boren and members of the Albert Family to share Albert’s vision of making a difference in your community, Startz said.


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