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Dearborn Rally Against Anti-Muslim Movie

By Ahmed Al-Hilali, TMO

More than a thousand people gathered at the civic center last Friday September 28th for a rally about the movie by Sam Bacile that disgraced and showed immense disrespect to the Prophet (s) and his message.  This was a very important event because this was among the few times people from all around the Detroit Metro came together to protest against anti-Islamic groups and doings. There were many speakers including the sheikh of the Muslim Unity Center, the Sayyid Qazwini of the ICA mosque, and many more activists in the Dearborn Community. This event was spread by text messaging and Facebook, with very little paper or flyers, and nearly half of Dearborn came. This shows that the Dearborn community is very connected with one another.

Shouts of praises to the Prophet filled the room as the speakers one by one spoke their share of feelings and thoughts towards this movie. An important question must be asked when something big like this happens in the community: Did people come because their friends came? Or did they go because they felt obligated to do so because they are “Muslims”? That is the question we all have to ask ourselves whenever we are called to do God’s work.


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