Diversified Educational Foundation

A New Model of Education for Orphans and Poor Children

DEF provides shelter, food, clothing, education, and healthcare for orphans and poor children to help them break the vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy.  The children reside in the DEF facility, provided with mentoring, and attend public schools.

All 42 students can tell us stories about their young lives which would become newspaper fodder in the hands of reputed columnists.  We would like to see them tell their own stories one day by becoming journalists, or teachers, or whatever their destiny leads them to.  The possibilities for these youngsters are endless if they are given the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

It takes just $520 to fund a student for one year.  We do not have any overhead expenses.

Please Donate Generously to Help Them Realize their Dreams:

Living in the West, we all dream of making this world a better place; a place where human dignity is universal.  By providing these children with a state of the art education, we can realistically hope that they will one day be able to take care of their own affairs.  We urge you to help these youngsters.  Please help us to help them.


Please donate your zakat / sadaqah / charity

Pleaes make your check payable to:  Diversified Educational Foundation

Mail to:  PO Box 1453, Novi, MI  48376  USA

Phone:  248-476-8695

Email:  info@diversifiededucation.org

Online donations can be made by Paypal or google:  www.diversifiededudation.org

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