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Don’t Be Weak for Shaytan

(Don’t let him chain you in Ramadan)

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin

We repeat this article from last year to improve our Ramadan.

The enemy of man is very much aware of the strengths…and weaknesses of man. This ever-present enemy sets his sights on those whose appetites he can whet. He is aware of what turns you on then attempts to use this to capture your spirit. We must remember that Iblis promised ALLAH that he would come at us from our right side, our left side, from behind us, and from right in front of our faces. This means he will act holy, from our right sides, entice us with sin and vice from our left side, sneak up behind us and also come up to our faces in front, to work his schemes of deception.

We often hear the hadith that “Satan is chained in Ramadan.” It is very popular and said often and, it gives us hope. But I have a little problem referring to this literally.

Does it mean that you don’t have to worry about Satan in Ramadan? You can go merrily skipping along your way? No, I don’t think so. I have seen some of the most vicious evil deeds and loud uncompromising arguments – right in the middle of Ramadan. These tirades are certainly caused by Satan – who is supposed to be locked up. According to the literal meaning of this saying, we should have nothing but good cheers and deeds during this month. But we all know that is not the case.

What is true is during Ramadan, ALLAH is giving you the opportunity to increase your strength against Satan, because of the extra effort you exhibit by consciously fasting and denying yourself – solely for His sake. Your devout worship and submission to ALLAH is what chains Satan. This is just another example of, and reiterates the fact that man has to do something in order to be saved. It is not automatic.

Too often we expect ALLAH to do His part and our part. Well, He has already done His part. Now it is our duty to do our part.

He, ALLAH, has equipped us with the most precious gift of all…our submissive minds. He has already given us power over Satan (lies, weak ideas, wrong thinking, and evil deeds). This is present every day of the year and throughout our lives. But for the believer it is heightened during Ramadan when we are more spiritually connected to our Lord. For the believer Satan is ineffective during the normal course of a year, but is chained during Ramadan. This is because you have him chained.

This concept also prevents us from blaming others if we happen to be in an unfortunate situation. We can blame another person, or even a whole race of people. We can blame everybody except ourselves. This has a very damaging effect because you don’t put forth much effort to improve yourself because it’s someone else’s fault. By doing this you have effectively chained yourself.

Don’t help Satan in Ramadan. Keep him chained by becoming more spiritually connected to our Creator.

As Salaam Alaikum
(Al Hajj) Abdullah Bey El-Amin


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