Don’t Gamble-Rely on a SURE THING

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Don’t Gamble-Rely on a SURE THING

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin, MMNS

El-Amin portrait  90dpi 90)“O you who believe!  Intoxicants and games of chance including dedication of idols and lotteries’ are part of Satan’s plan, so stay away from them in order for you to be successful.  91) Satan’s only desire is to cause confusion and hatred in your midst through intoxicants and gambling; and to keep your mind away from the remembrance of ALLAH and from prayer.  Will you not then abstain?” Qur’an 5:90-91

Games of chance give you a small possibility of great gain, but a greater probability of great loss – great loss of fortune and loss of your peace of mind.  A toss of the dice or flip of a card has the capability of big winnings but those big, luxurious skyscrapers, fashioned by man, are not in the business of losing money and making you rich.  To the contrary their aim is make you broke and miserable.  First of all you must remember, they are limited beings themselves and if you win, they lose.  And it ain’t gonna happen that you’ll win.

On the other side there is the Rabb of all the worlds Who owns everything and has set in motion the growth of creation and multiplication of reward for good deeds, and Who promises, and delivers, great rewards for adherence to His directives.

“The parable of those who spend their wealth in the cause of ALLAH is similar to a grain of corn that grows seven ears and in each ear are a hundred more grains.  And verily ALLAH gives manifold increase to whomever He wills.  And ALLAH is Omniscient, and All-Knowing. 2:261

You can get “rich” by giving.  By “rich” I mean not only monetarily, but also spiritually.  You will have a peaceful life free from the stress of guilt for not living up to your God-given potential.   Now what gambling hall is going to accept a gift from you, then give it back to you many times over-without risking losing it through gambling?  I assure you…none of them will.

Satan’s aim is to threaten you with poverty and make you forget ALLAH.  Because of the pull of this false glittering world, some Muslims (especially some young Muslims) are visiting these halls of ill-repute on a regular basis.  They think it’s cool for one thing, and some have rationalized their minds to see nothing expressively wrong with it.  Satan has made their minds accept wrongdoing.  We have come to accept the unacceptable.   

A believer is just that.  She or he believes what ALLAH says is 100% true. But some believers won’t attempt or strive to follow ALLAH’S guidance.  ALLAH chastises believers constantly in Qur’an for saying things they don’t (won’t) do.  Remember, Satan is also a believer, but he refuses to obey ALLAH.

“Like Satan who sayeth to man; “Disbelieve thou.  And when the man disbelieved, Satan says to him ‘verily I disassociate myself from you.  Verily I fear ALLAH, the Rabbil alameen.

Our levels of existence have us on three levels.  We begin as Muslims, then ascend to the level of believer.  But as believers, we must not stop at that level.  We must increase our faith (iman) that what ALLAH says and decrees is fact and make our obedience to Him automatic.

Do you want to put your money on a sure thing?  Don’t gamble.  Put it on ALLAH.  Make sure you first believe, and then strive to be upright.  Next, keep your mind focused on ALLAH by offering regular prayers.  Next consciously offer zakat and sadaqa to ALLAH for His pleasure and His pleasure alone.  He promises you will be richly rewarded in many ways.

As Salaam alaikum
Al Hajj Imam Abdullah El-Amin


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