Dr. AQ Khan: Surgery

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Dr. AQ Khan: Surgery

By Mahvish Akhtar, Muslim Media News Service (MMNS)

Pakistani Scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, who has been under house arrest since 2004, suffers from a curable form of prostrate cancer.

Preliminary tests showed that he is suffering from the early stages of the disease, and surgery could be helpful in controlling the problem at hand.

After some resistance from the government, on September 6th 2006 he was flown to Karachi’s Agha Khan Hospital. The other issue at hand was that of finances. Dr. Khan does not have enough finances to support his own surgery since his and his family members’ accounts were frozen some years ago. A financial statement was prepared by the caretakers of the doctor, which was given to the Pakistan’s prime minister.

Chief military spokesman Maj-Gen Shaukat Sultan spoke in a press release of “radical surgery with his consent and after consultation with the family member and doctors.” He added that the government was serious about providing the best healthcare possible to the scientist.

Dr. Khan’s family was to be flown to see him later in the week. Even though finally the scientist was flown to Agha Khan Hospital, there was difficulty after his arrival. The hospital staff was not sure they wanted to take responsibility seeing the level of political hype attached to his case. In the light of all this, it was decided that he might be taken to Al-Shifa Hospital in Islamabad. He was eventually taken to Islamabad, but than was shifted to Agha Khan University Hospital in Karachi.

The Dean of Surgery at the Hospital, Dr. Farhat Abbad, examined him. Dr Farooq, Dr Saleem Qureshi, Dr Syed Akhter and Dr Kamran are among the other doctors who are involved in his care. The Agha Khan Hospital Laboratory conducted initial tests on the day of his arrival to decide what kind of surgery he should undergo.

All of the tests already done at the other hospital are being conducted again to be sure. The options for surgery included radiotherapy, chemotherapy and the last option being an operation.

The operation did take place on Thursday the 7th of September, 2006 and went successfully.

Dr. Qadeer Khan’s wife and daughter were with him throughout his stay at Ahga Khan.. His other family members were not allowed to see him.

There has been very tight security around Dr. Khan. His relatives showed their sorrow at the fact that they were not allowed to visit him in his time of need. People have been gathering at the main gates of the hospital to wish the ailing doctor well. Many people are leaving cards and flowers at the main entrance, since no one is allowed to visit the famous patient.

MMA(Mutahida Majlis e Amal) and ARD (Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy) placed stalls outside the front gate of the hospital to pray for his speedy recovery and well-being. ARD leaders present at the stall included Mamnoon Hussain, Rashid Rabbani, Rafiq Engineer, MPA, Basharat Mirza, MMA leaders at the stall supporting Dr. Qadeer Khan were Prof Ghafoor Ahmed, Dr Mairajul Huda, Muhammad Hussain Mehanti, Nasrullah Shaji, and NPP leader Syed Zia Abbas was present as well.


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