Dr. Arshad Hussain receives award

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Dr. Arshad Hussain receives award

KANSAS CITY, MO–The University of Missouri School of Medicine’s highest honor – the Citation of Merit – was awarded to Syed Arshad Husain, MD, at ceremony on April 16.
Dr.Husain is the professor emeritus of psychiatry and child health and a 1970 fellowship graduate of MU’s psychiatry department.

He is internationally known for helping traumatized children in war zones and disaster areas across the globe.

Since 1994, Dr. Husain and his Trauma Team at the University of Missouri have trained approximately 6,500 teachers, physicians, nurses and other volunteers in Bosnia, Kosovo, Russia, Palestine, Afghan refugee Camps in Pakistan, earthquake disaster zones in Gujarat, India, tsunami disaster areas, hurricane Katrina disaster areas and earthquake disaster zones in Pakistan/Kashmir.


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