Dr. Imtiaz Patel Receives Physician Partner Award

By TMO Stringer

ScreenShot060March 30, 2012–Dr. Imtiaz Patel of the James J Peters VA Medical Center NEU in the Bronx NY received an award for his service as a physician.  Dr. Patel specializes in hematology / oncology and is based and licensed in New York.

In receiving the physician partner award, Dr. Patel was praised for his humbleness and willingness to speak to any person of any professional background in order to find the answers to questions he does not know; he was praised for the deep respect he maintains for his medical team, and for “respecting all disciplines.”   

In a brief speech he thanked his team members for helping him to be successful as a doctor, and the doctor who leads his specialty area at his hospital.

Dr. Patel also emphasized his own deep commitment to providing high quality care to his patients.


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