Dr. Shahid Tahir Honored

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Dr. Shahid Tahir Honored

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color-shahidtaherAt Home  Network  Inc.,  a  homecare  and  hospice  organization, is  extremely  proud  to  announce  that its Chief  Executive Officer,  Dr.  Shahid  Tahir,  was  awarded  the  very  prestigious Blue  Cross  & Blue Shield Claude Pepper Award and Certificate  of Merit for  his  dedication and  hard  work  for senior citizens in southeast Michigan and beyond. 

Dr.  Shahid  Tahir  received  his  award  on  June  2012, on the  lawn  at Lansing’s  state  capital  with  over  400  people  present,  as  well  as  many  senators  and  congressional representatives.

The Claude Pepper Award is granted annually  by Blue Cross & Blue Shield to honor a business  person who makes a difference in the health and  well-being of senior citizens in the Michigan unities  they serve.

Dr. Shahid Tahir has been a successful leader  within At Home Network’s homecare, which he has  taken from 120 patients per day to over 400  patients,  as well as launching hospice services in 2010. 

Dr. Tahir’s dedication and passion to helping  patients remain in their “home” is his driving motivation to help both individuals and groups in the communities he serves. 

Dr. Tahir has been instrumental in holding  health fairs, free clinic screenings and providing flu shots to seniors  in the community.  He has worked  with many senators and Congressmen on healthcare  initiatives to better the quality and care to senior  citizens.


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