Eid Al-Adha Prayer and Celebration at ICD

By: Noor H. Salem

Another gathering at the Islamic Center of Detroit for Eid Al-Adha celebration took place on Tuesday, October 15th. Every local masjid and center holds an Eid prayer, and the ICD is one of the fastest growing ones- with over 10,000 people attending. Every Eid, it seems more and more people decide to head to the ICD to celebrate this day with their families. The ICD had fun for people of all ages, including moonwalks and giant slides, cotton candy, popcorn, sandwiches, fresh cheese, zatar, and meat pies and lots of ice cold drinks.

The takbeer began around 8:20AM but the prayer wasn’t until 9:45AM. After the prayer Dr. Hani Ayyad gave the short sermon. Quickly, the prayer halls emptied as everyone rushed for the fun waiting in the parking lot. Children ran to the moonwalks, adults stood and chatted and wished others an Eid Mubarak. For hours people gathered in the parking lot, eating, taking, playing, and having a wonderful time.



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