‘Eid Mubarak!

TMO Staff

2008-09-26T113006Z_01_DEL10_RTRMDNP_3_INDIA Farmington–September 29–This Ramadan has been special in ways we will not know until we see our rewards for it.  Prophet (s) told us that there are two times of sweetness for those who are fasting, the time when we break our fast and the time when we meet our reward for fasting. 

There is no guarantee for us that our prayers have been accepted, or that our fasting has been completed, or that Allah has accepted our worship and du’a.  Most of us made small mistakes as these 29 days or 30 days have passed–if not by inadvertently eating something at the wrong time or by, in our ignorance, violating our fasts by brushing our teeth at the wrong time or other mistakes–if not that, then by looking at something we should not see, at night or during the day, or by saying things we should not say, or by backbiting our brothers and sisters.

We have shown anger and most of us have at least neglected some prayers, even if we have made them up afterwards. 

Therefore we cannot take pride in our fasting.  We cannot hold our chins up in front of our Creator in dependence on our worship.

All we can do is say to Him that we are His believers, in His religion, and that we love His chosen Prophet (s) and have chosen to follow that blessed Messenger (s).

We at TMO pray that the prayers of the Muslims around the world will be answered, that Muslims around the world will be helped against those who oppose Islam and against those who hate Muslims.  We pray that Allah will shower guidance, knowledge, wisdom and light upon the believers, that our prayers and fasting and du’a will be accepted, and that our mistakes of this Holy Ramadan and of the whole year will be overlooked by the One who is Sattar, Ghafur, Rahman, Rahim.

We pray that Allah will protect Muslims — all those who tried to fast, especially if they tried sincerely, against the afflictions that might come in the time before the next Ramadan, and that He will use our fasting and praying as a means of guiding, enlightening, and protecting us.

We wish you a Happy and Blessed ‘Eid!


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