Election 2008: Paul’s Meteoric Rise

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah, Muslim Media News Service (MMNS)

The Ron Paul presidential campaign (RPPC) raised $4.2 million in one day.

That is amazing. Something is happening in the Republican Party. Even though the most powerful and most influential Republications do not particularly care for Ron Paul’s views.

They cheer Rudy Giuliani’s rejoinders over the congressman’s positions on foreign policy. They support Romney over Ron Paul’s taxation policy and they favor McCann’s fiscal conservatism over Paul’s promise to eliminate IRS. But still, it is unheard of raising $4 million in one day without a growing national movement. Paul’s fund raising financial prowess has at least ensured us that he would be with the voters well into 2008 keeping the issues alive.

Paul’s message is clear, and most American agree with some of his agenda. Paul is antiwar. Paul has libertarian views on domestic issues.

Initially, the media ridiculed the Paul campaign. The Republicans scoffed at him. Political professionals and pundits in Washington demanded that he be kept away from Republican debates. But on November 5, 2007. Some over 37,000 people gave him more than 4 million dollars, a record in the US election Internet fund raising history.

We all know how hard it is to collect money, especially when the “party” is not behind the candidate. So Paul’s performance is very impressive.

Paul says “get out” of Iraq and “stay out” of Iran and return to traditional Republican nonintervention in foreign conflicts. Paul proposes to abolish the Federal Reserve System. Paul is not an outsider. He is the “mainstream,” because he has been reelected for decades from his home district in Texas.

Paul is raising more money than McCain, Fred Thompson and other poll-heavy candidates. His message is going to be amplified. Money brings visibility, and visibility brings poll numbers. Very likely even voters. Paul might jump to

#1.Will Paul collect a lot of delegates in the Republican national convention?

Who knows.


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