Emergency Lifted in Egypt After Decades

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Emergency Lifted in Egypt After Decades

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Cairo: Through a declaration, Egypt’s ruling military council Thursday lifted a state of emergency that existed for decades in the country.

The emergency was lifted after its last renewal expired and the council pledged to continue securing the state until the end of the transitional period, Xinhua reported.

“Out of patriotism and historical responsibility held by the military forces, we are still responsible for securing the state and the citizens, despite the lift of the emergency state,” the council said in a statement.

The announcement caused a wave of anxiety among political circles as the country’s toppled leader Hosni Mubarak’s trial is to be held Saturday during which a final verdict will be delivered. Also, the run-off of presidential elections is set to kick off June 16-17.

The state of emergency had been existing since 1981 in Egypt and was being renewed every three years.


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