Emotional Response to the Election

By Elder George

All articles for this issue reached the publisher before the national elections ended. If anyone named with a certainty the winners then he or she has clairvoyant abilities, an astute perception, or exceptional luck. Since I don’t possess any of those attributes, the only prediction I will make is that by the time this paper reaches you many people will have expressed elation over the results of the election, and many people will have expressed dejection. These reactions of elation and dejection usually accompany the aftermath of our national elections, and make a statement about the value structure of our society.

We have made our sorrow and our joy dependent upon a power outside of ourselves. We as a society have become a receptive entity that responds to the dictates of our government. We have given it complete power over us. We ask it to supply our medical needs, educational availability, housing requirements, financial stability, and national security. In return we will work like donkeys on the treadmill of production doing whatever is required of us. This condition represents the complete feminization of the nation.

In the natural process of mating the female seeks out a male that will provide the environment and means for her to bring forth life and nurture the species. Part of the understood agreement is that the male will keep that environment safe and secure, and if necessary even die to protect the female and her offspring. (An aside to the ladies, the only man worthy of being your husband is one who is willing to die for you.) By emasculating the male and destroying the institution of marriage the government became the new authority figure in the home.

However, it was not long after the government took over the masculine influence in the home that it also began to usurp the nurturing function of the female. Wives could stay home while husbands fulfilled their obligation of providing the environment and the means for nurturing; however, the government husband requires mothers to work; therefore, it has gradually taken over an increasing share of the nurturing activities that mothers used to perform. It sends children to pre-school nurseries, and after school programs. It feeds them, inoculates them, and indoctrinates them. If mothers do not comply with government dictates the children are removed from her and given to others who will comply. Government authority cannot love women, and it certainly will not die for them, although the reverse might occur.

The result of this unlimited intrusion into our lives by the government has resulted in the debilitating depression of 10 million women, the raising of the most violent boys in the world, and the highest rate of male incarceration in the world; these statistics indicate the wretched condition of men, women, and children in our society. Regardless of who won the election, increasing numbers of people will become dejected.

The path to permanent elation comes from a realization that God is the source of all things and that he has given us his bounty at no charge and will always provide for, care for, and love us. All that he asks is that we do our best within our understanding to live in accordance with the grand design that he created.

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