Ethiopia: Muslim Students Expelled for Reading Qur`an

Press Release Courtesy Network of Ethiopian Muslims (

[Negashi OJ] – Mekelle University has dismissed three of its Muslim students. The three were found guilty of possessing and reading of the Holy Quran. Effort by the university Muslim community to negotiate with the authorities and persuade them to recall the unjust measure has so far failed.

On Monday. Megabit 22, student Muhammad Yesuf, Ibrahim Hussien and Ismael Tadesse left their room after Subh (Morning) prayer and went to a room that they use for studying. One of them had a phone from where he was listening to a prerecorded Quran using his ear phone. The other had an Amharic Translation of the Quran. These two had also pocket size original Quran in Arabic in their pocket. The third has a medium sized Quran and a tape recorder. He was reading silently.

The president of the university apparently tipped by a cleaning lady who saw the three entering the room with their visible Muslim appearance, came to the room and found the three possessing these “illegal” materials thus performing an “Illegal” act. He demanded for their ID card and Meal Card. He then took the Quran and tape recorder with him. The three followed him up to his office and begged for his compassion. Nevertheless the man was unbending to the students. He passed his outright decision to dismiss them and sent order to the Dean of Students to implement the decision. The next day, as the students went to the restaurant for breakfast, they read their dismissal from the notice board.

It is to be recalled that Mekelle University was the first to deny Muslim students space to offer their prayers. From their history of intolerance to Muslim students and their stern position not to give any space for Muslim students to practice their religion, the top leadership of the university is believed to be an indirect architect of the directive the Ministry of Education prepared and oblige Muslim students to choose from their study and religion.


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  1. fetulhak
    fetulhak says:

    i like to defend as such a rubbish act of the makkele university to dismmiss this students it deneies the ethiopian culture of living together i’m so sorry!!!!!!!

  2. nadia
    nadia says:

    am probably having a shocking discovery of the Muslims situation in Ethiopia. i had no idea what so ever that Muslims are living in terrifying discrimination state in their own country !!. i start surfing the net to look for Ethiopian Muslim webs n i learned that student are denied a praying right by so called authority and this is happening in a country that has such a long history of tolerance in Muslims & Christians. am gobsmacked than even n this doesn’t even happen in a western countries, where i live we have a proper praying room were we can perform our pray and free to follow our beliefs and its not even a Muslim country.

    i just can believe that Muslim brother and sisters are discriminated to this extent in their own land. i feel such an anger flying through my vain and wish if i live in Ethiopia to be part of it ……………

    just wanna say carry Allah in ur heart, he the strength and victory …….