Familiarize Yourself with Your Ballot Online Before You Vote

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Familiarize Yourself with Your Ballot Online Before You Vote

TMO Staff

Most states have voter information center web sites with local ballots.

For instance in Michigan, go to www.Michigan.gov/vote, where you can find a sample voter registration ballot information. This will help you making yourself familiar with the candidates so that voting is easier for you. Visiting the website in your state will keep you informed of what you’ll see on Election Day.

Online, you will have the opportunity to research the candidates and ballot proposals before you go to the polls, making the voting process faster and easier.

For Michigan voters, according to Secretary of State Terry Land, voters type in their name or driver’s license number to gain access to the site. They can confirm that they are registered to vote and view their local ballot as it will appear on Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 7.
Once again, the site for MI voters is: www.Michigan.gov/vote.

The site also allows voters to find out where their polling place is located and how to use the voting equipment. Maps and driving routes are included as well. Voters can even learn how to contact their local election official. They can find out how to register to vote, how to get an absentee ballot, and how to volunteer at the polls.

“This site includes a variety of helpful information for voters,” said Land. “And it puts all that information right at their fingertips in an easy-to-use format using the latest technology.”
Other services offered on the site include links to Frequently Asked Questions, information for candidates, election results, and forms.


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