Farhat Ali, CEO, Fujitsu Computer Systems

7CE7 Farhat Ali is the CEO of Fujitsu Computer Systems (FCS). Earlier he was Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. He was instrumental in orchestrating the successful merger of the personal computer business (Fujitsu PC Corporation) and server business (Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc.) and making FCS one of the best performing subsidiaries of Fujitsu Limited. His major contributions at Fujitsu include building an effective executive team, revamping the IT infrastructure, and developing a world-class supply chain.

Mr. Ali has broad experience in all facets of business and operations. Prior to joining Fujitsu, he spent over 20 years at Amdahl Corporation where he held senior management positions including Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Customer Service and Chief Financial Officer of Amdahl Global Services.

Mr. Ali graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University where he received a bachelor’s of science degree in electrical engineering and computer science. He obtained a master of business administration from Harvard Business School.

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