Farhatulla Quadri: Director of IFANCA community services

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CHICAGO, IL–The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) has announced the appointment of Dr. Syed Farhatulla Quadri as its Director of Community Services.  Dr. Quadri is well known to Chicago community for his involvement in MCC activities since 1975, primarily in week end schools in various roles as a teacher, principal and administrator of weekend school council. He was involved in many other community services including Central Eid Committee of Greater Chicago as its secretary and treasurer for a long time.

Dr. Farhat Quadri received his Masters and Ph.D. degrees from Kansas State University, KS. He has worked in four Chicago area large hospitals as director of Endocrinology Laboratory services for the past 33 years. “In his new position at IFANCA, Dr. Quadri will be responsible for various services IFANCA has planned in order to make communities aware of the products and ingredients in our daily consumption, as well as oversee the functions of Sabeel Pantry. He will be our liaison to all the Islamic centers and civic organizations of Greater Chicago, Midwestern states and then USA. I FANCA would appreciate the member organizations of CIOGC to contact Br. Farhat for their concerns, questions and suggestions regarding food related issues.  You will Insha’Allah find him very knowledgeable and helpful, “ a press release from the organization read.  

Br. Farhat Quadri could be reached by email at s.quadri@ifanca.org  and by phone at 773-283-3708 or 847-756-0282.

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