Fierce Reaction to Incendiary Video

By Noor Salem, TMO

It’s September 12th 2012, and as I walked into my Online Reporting, Research, and Writing course at University at 1 in the afternoon and got shocked to learn the latest news. The professor began the class by saying “So, who’s heard of last night and the morning news?” A few students raised their hands and my brain began pondering what could be the big news, and why didn’t I hear about it earlier? Well obviously because I’ve deactivated my Facebook a few months ago, had my phone on silent on campus, and simply didn’t talk to family or friends all morning.

So what happened? A lot happened. It began with 56 year old Sam Bacile, an American citizen and Israeli Jew who is a real-estate businessman from California. He decided to direct an anti-Islamic movie about the Prophet Muhammad (s); he simply throw a lot of rubbish together and make a movie out of it.

He did not forget to include lies, hatred, and lots of detestation about Muslims and Islam. This movie was promoted by the very famous Christian group led by the same man who wanted to host “Burn a Quran Day”’ from Florida, yes, Pastor Jones. The film was released yesterday (September 11th 2012) and fueled a lot more backlash than expected.

This is the 21st century, you know, and things like this travel the world rather swiftly.  

Some people decided to post the trailer with Arabic subtitles and it was eventually seen in the overseas countries. Egypt and Libya did not take it too well, and they decided to take vengeance to heart.  They attacked their U.S. embassies, killing Christopher Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador Stevens, and three other embassy staff in Benghazi. People were angry, buildings were on fire, and protesters were all over the streets. Flags burned and other flags went up. We get it.

It doesn’t end there though! Just after President Obama goes live this morning (around 10am) to discuss what’s going on, Romney decides to blame Obama for not defending U.S. interests vigorously as necessary!! So not only did this entire movie fuel fire outside the U.S., it fueled more fire domestically. Blogs are filled with satirical comments regarding what Romney said.


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