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Find Your Blessing

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin, Muslim Media News Service (MMNS)

It is amazing that of all the over six billion people in the world, each one has its own relationship with the Creator. Each person, although similar in make-up, is also very different. We are so different that a bloodhound dog can smell your shoes or a handkerchief and follow you for miles and pick you out of a crowd of people. Each one of us has a unique set of fingerprints that identifies him or her from every other human being on the planet; this includes identical twins that come from the same cell.

This is a great sign from ALLAH that He has given each of us special qualities that are unique to the individual. This beautiful quality of yours will make you happy and prosperous and it will benefit the rest of creation that you come in contact with or influence. This is the beautiful world ALLAH has created and clocked into all of us. The trick is finding out what you are specially suited for and pursuing it with a passion.

There is a little voice inside of us that tells us the truth about ourselves. This comes from the inside; and this is what naturally feels good. There are many things in the world that may look good and appealing, but unless that small voice in your gut tells you it’s right for you, it probably isn’t. To make the right choice requires prayer and introspection.

First, make sure according to scripture, that it is pleasing to ALLAH. Ask yourself if ALLAH would be pleased or displeased with your action. Once that gut feeling tells you its’ something you are suited for, and ALLAH would not be displeased with it, you are ready to go to the next step and take that giant leap based on faith. This is what separates the men and women from the boys and girls.

A book was written in the early parts of the last century by a man named William Danforth. The book is called “I Dare You”. William Danforth was told at an early age that he would not live very long because he was in poor physical shape. This was a message coming from the outside that he accepted but it didn’t feel good or compatible with his soul. Then one day one of his teachers said to him, “I dare you to be the healthiest boy in this school.” Now this external stimulus felt different to him …in his gut. He started working out and concentrating on his health and, guess what? He lived to be over 90 years old and rose to be chairman of Ralston Purina Company.

In order to truly benefit from ALLAH’S blessing to you, you must be committed to pursuing it. It will not come and drop down from the sky. You must reach up and grab it.

And if ALLAH is the stimulus, you must concentrate on following His moral laws to the best of your ability. First, sincerely repent of your sins and pray earnestly. Don’t just go through the motions of prayer and get up still mad, envious, and jealous. You are being envious and jealous about something ALLAH has meant for another person, resulting in your not being able to see your own blessing.

Remember, you are a unique human being. Your smell is different from everybody else. Your fingerprints are different from everybody else. And so is your special blessing different from everybody else’s. Go inside of your self and listen to that small voice. And when it feels right, and it’s right with ALLAH, go for it with the vigor that faith allows.

As Salaam Alaikum
(Al Hajj) Abdullah Bey El-Amin


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