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Find your Peace

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin

Islam, the religion of peace of over one billion people, is uniquely situated to comfort each of those people individually. No two people are alike or have the same situations or experiences– not best friends, family members, not even identical twins think and act alike. And for all these one billion plus Muslims, there is only one book of guidance for all…the illustrious Qur’an Karim.

ALLAH has structured His creation so that every human being can have a personal relationship with Him. This is why when praying, it shouldn’t matter what masjid you are at or what imam is leading.

To enhance peace in our own lives, we must focus on the peace of the Divine Mind revealed by ALLAH to mankind. Keeping the mind steady on the path of love and prosperity is a full-time job and absolutely imperative if we are to attain the true purpose of our existence, which is to follow ALLAH’S directives for peace of mind and prosperity.

ALLAH has given us this beautiful mind as the greatest tool in creation. Everything except ALLAH submits to that mind (Adam). The mind was designed by ALLAH to reflect the spiritual world so we can better maneuver in the material world and thus, achieve a balance between these two worlds.

Nowhere in the Qur’an does ALLAH tell mankind to be evil, mean, jealous, or envious as these are the characteristics of Satan. Quite the contrary, He admonishes us for those things and directs us to be the exact opposite. But as we have said many times, it is not automatic. Because we are equipped with a mind and consciousness, we must consciously read and learn ALLAH’S word and act on it in order to be successful.

The common, lazy practice of mankind is to make other people the cause and the source of happiness. Women will look to a man for happiness and peace and a man will look to a woman. Subsequently, these sources of happiness can also be thought of as the guilty ones and the ones to blame for our unhappiness. Neither one is the truth. True happiness and peace can only come from submission to The Source of peace…Almighty ALLAH.

It takes faith and work to walk the path of spirituality, as negativity and self-doubt are the results of lack of faith in

ALLAH, and lack of knowledge of the sacred principles that govern this world. This lack of knowledge comes most often from not getting involved with the scripture of ALLAH through reflective reading.

Presently we are in the month of Ramadan which affords us the best opportunity to reflect on and increase our faith…which is the key to peace. ALLAH tells us in Qur’an that the early morning is the best time for reading Qur’an and reflection and prayer. In His mercy of ordering us to fast, the majority of us are up and have had suhoor anyway: so, if your schedule allows it, use this time to raise yourself spiritually. Sit down quietly and read the days reading with reflection on the words; not just as a duty.

ALLAH has made peace attainable to us all, individually, so don’t miss your opportunity. Find your peace by being human as ALLAH describes a human.

As Salaam Alaikum
(Al Hajj) Abdullah Bey El-Amin


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