Fiqh Class at the Bloomfield Muslim Unity Center

Bloomfield Hills–May 24–Imam Musa is one of the many extraordinary imams of the Southeast Michigan community who engage in a humble and comfortable manner with their congregations, teaching by lecture and also by example about the great religion of Islam.

This past Sunday Imam Musa gave a summary description of the fiqh rules relating to inheritance of money that is in part from haram sources.

The imam explained that inheritors must make an attempt to remove from their inheritance that portion of the money they receive that came from haram activities or from haram means such as riba.

He explained that “if they can divide it,” by identifying clearly that portion of the wealth which is unlawful (possibly taken by force, or by deceit, or through riba, or through haram actions or products), they should return that portion directly (for instance a piece of land taken by force).

In some instances, he explained, it is impossible to give the money back directly to the person who was harmed and in this case the money should be given as sadaqa, or to a mosque.

Imam Musa explained in his summarized fiqh lecture that a Muslim who converted to Islam should stop earning money from haram sources but is not required to return the money he or she earned before converting to Islam, even if it was from haram sources.


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