Flint Mosque Open House

Muslim Matters

Flint Mosque Open House

By Adil James, TMO

P6230385The Flint Islamic Center on Corunna road hosted an open house on Saturday to welcome non-Muslim community members and discuss Islam in a lecture and panel format.

The moderator of the event was the dentist Dr. Niman Shukairy.

There were two main presenters who discussed Islam for the guests, Khalid Hammoud who gave a general introduction to Islam, and Muna Jondy, who spoke at length to present her views of the political events of the “Arab Spring.”

She emphasized the holy qualities of the Prophet (s) and the early Companions, and emphasized that modern Muslims and especially leaders are not following their example.

She centered her speech on the inaugural speech of Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (ra), who said “I have been chosen to lead and I am not the best of you.”  Ms. Jondy emphasized his humility, his “social contract” of mutual responsibility with the governed people, his promise to make the weak strong and the strong weak until there was justice. 

She spoke also of his humble recognition of the limits to his own power.

About 100 people attended in total the lectures, panel discussion, and the delicious lunch of Arab food, which followed.


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