Florida Anti-Muslim Bill Defeated

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Florida Anti-Muslim Bill Defeated

Press Release

WE DEFEATED Florida Senate Bill 58 for the third consecutive year. The Senate President just announced that SB 58 did not get enough votes to pass. What a great way to end the Florida legislative session. Congratulations to you, Florida and America.

Thank you GOD.

Our campaign to defeat this discriminatory law has been challenging from the start. But because of your support, emails and phone calls we were able to defeat it together.  Thank you for doing your part, this victory belongs to you.

SB 58 was crafted by a racist lawyer and pushed by anti-Muslim hate groups, would have banned Muslim marriages, divorce and child custody agreements if they’re based on Islamic values.  WE FOUGHT BACK, mobilizing thousands of supporters to email, call, tweet and pressure lawmakers to oppose this bill.

Please watch this short video message on how the bill was defeated and the video clip of the actual final vote count on the senate floor. Then forward it to your friends, let them know the great news.  If you’re proud of this accomplishment, please consider making a donation here, so we can continue this critical work.

We could not have defeated this bill without the help of others, Muslims, people of other faiths and people of no-faiths. Thank you to groups like the Florida ACLU, CAIR Florida, ADL, Emerge-USA and the International Law Section of the Florida Bar. In addition to all the pastors, Rabbis and other clergy who helped us lobby against this un-American bill.

Together we can defeat similar bills in other battleground states. But in order to take the fight to them, we will need your financial support.  PLEASE HELP OUR MOVEMENT BY MAKING A DONATION NOW. CAN YOU DONATE $50, $100 OR $250 NOW?

Thank you again and God Bless you and your family,

Ahmed Bedier
President and Founder
United Voices for America


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