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Foundation of Society

By Mamdud Ahmed

The foundation of a society? Many might wonder on this and conclude that institutions of higher learning, or museums and such are the foundation of a society because they are a source of procuring a sense of understanding. But in fact what truly makes up the foundation of any society of any political structure, is the individual household with its members. In other words, a kinship between a man and a wife through marriage and the type of household they raise (upbringing given to their children if any). If a home is taken care of, and looked after, society will itself reap benefits.

But how can this ideal relationship be actualized? In Islam, we believe that once a marriage and the entire process undergoes a tradition set forth by Prophet Muhammad (s) and the rightly guided predecessors, a marriage can become joyous with regulations. Nowadays, marriages tend to shape themselves to cultural norms–that the authentic and correct tradition set forth by Islam is pushed aside. It’s not ignored, but rather its emphasis is lost through cultural festivities.

The topic of marriage comes to my mind because of a wedding taking place soon that I am aware of. The moment I pondered over the marriage process, I thought about how it should be done “sunnah” style. Then I thought about the Qur`anic and authentic sayings of our beloved Prophet (s) regarding marriage that I had to mention them. Insh’Allah, if Allah Ta’ala wills, it would be a good reminder for not only myself but for all readers. The Qur`an tells the believers to marry even if they are poor to safeguard themselves from immorality. Allah says in the Qur’an: “And those who say, “Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous”” {25:74}. Allah Ta’ala also mentions in the Qur’an the stipulations of marriage for both men and women. And through guidance and revelations, Prophet Muhammad (s) said in an authentic narration that marriage is half of one’s faith. The other half is obtained by fearing Allah Ta’ala via taqwa, or the consciousness of one’s Rabb.

In Islam, everyone has their fair share of rights, therefore a man and woman who are wedded should adhere to the rights of the other. The husband is financially responsible for the welfare of his wife and any children, whilst it’s the duty of the wife to safeguard her husband’s possessions and wealth. Pre-eminently, they should both provide one another with physical/emotional strength, loyalty, faithfulness, encourage one another to increase their knowledge of deen and whatever else necessary of this world, etc.

Marriage should be a joyous thing, and should not be seen as a burden or as the surrendering of one’s life to a form of oppression. Both the men and women should do their best to contribute to the making of a prosperous society, verily Allah is Most Merciful. 


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