Fund Raising Event for State Representative Rudy Hobbs

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Fund Raising Event for State Representative Rudy Hobbs

By staff reporter

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Members of the Nizamuddin and Hobbs families pose together.

Muhammad Zahid, Shariq sajjad, Mr. Rudy Hobbs, Faiz M. Khan and Syed Akhlaq Hussain.

Pakistan democratic caucus of Michigan held a fund raising event for the state representative Rudy Hobbs on October 13th 2013.

A lunch event took place at the residence of Mohammed Nizamuddin in Farmington Hills.

About 30 people gathered supporting Rudy Hobbs (D) candidacy. He is contesting to become a congressman from Michigan’s 14th district the seat currently held by Cong. Gary Peters (D).  Who in turn will be contesting retiring Sen. Carl Levine’s seat.

Faiz Khan, Chairman, Pakistan American Caucus introducing the candidate highlighted Ruby Hobbs achievement in civil services and said we are here to discuss with him about the national and international issues that affects us as an Americans.

He recognized the presence of Dr. Muzzamil Ahmed, Chairman of the Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC), and secretary Michigan Muslim Democratic Caucus, Dr. Waseem Ullah, president iCAN, and the board members of Pakistan American Caucus.

Rudy Hobbs in his speech said, I understand, we face number of issues on education, housing, health and unemployment. And I am here to learn from you some of the international complex issues.

Being an Afro American he understands many issues faced by the immigrants and disadvantaged people. He said, “His constituency extends from wealthiest zip code to the poorest zip code”.

He assured the gathered people his full support on issues that affects us and advocated supporting the liberal immigration policies. He said, “The loved ones should be able to come to US to live and unite with their relatives”.

He praised president Obama’s policies, especially on Affordable Health Care, and said those policies are helping millions of poor people.  President’s economic policies will help to revive the economy and increase employment.

The lively debate followed on issues of discrimination at the airport, on national health system, unemployment and various other issues. On international issues it ranged from Kashmir to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Palestine.

Following the delicious lunch the question answer session continued in groups and on a one-to-one basis.


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