Fund Raising for Congressman Gary Peters:

By Stringer

The setting for the fundraising event for Congressman Gary Peters was as impressive as the candidate himself.


Pleasant breezes wafted off the shores of Cass Lake across the beautiful home of Dr. Mahmoud El Hadidi’s backyard, cooling temperatures down, also cooling the tempers of those gathered on the issues relating to Syria today.

About 50 people gathered for the fundraising event for the congressman, who is contesting the Senate seat vacated by veteran Senator Carl Levin. People enjoyed socializing before the speech and relished the delicious food.

In his speech Congressman Peters said that he was working hard to through the pension issues that have bothered many people, especially in Detroit.

On Syria he said he wants to wait till the report of the fact-finding mission is announced, but said he would go with the president’s decision if he wants to carry out the strikes. He said the decision might take two weeks or more.

Mr. Peters said he was against the use of chemical weapons and we must stand up to take some action, action intended not for regime change but to help bring stabilization.

On healthcare he said he supported the president on health issues, the only problem he has is whether the new law will become sustainable or not in the context of the intense opposition from Republicans.

On the current Detroit bankruptcy he agreed that more federal help is needed–maybe in the form of incentives. We want to see the regeneration of Detroit, he said, with more neighborhood stability so it will be more productive. Giving the successful comeback of the auto industry he said Detroit may also follow suit and fully recover.


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