Gaza Challenges siege by Songs and Music, Thursday, November 27

Part of Palestinian non-violent resistance, International Palestinian Campaign to end Gaza Siege in PNGO is preparing  a music concert  on Thursday. The concert is a brand-new way to lift the siege imposed in Gaza strip a year and half ago.

The concert would be  performed by Palestinian youths who are victims of siege. Amongst, the performers there would be young children as well. They will sing in both Arabic and English language in protest of Israeli cruel policy against 1.5 trapped gazans.

Organizers say  that this concert aims at sending a message to the free world that Palestinians seek peace. It is a message to highlight on the great suffering experienced by people and to spot the light on Israeli violations which hit all life aspects in Gaza.

The concert would include around 7 songs and musical pieces performed by only Palestinians. National songs would be sang and a kind of fun is being planned to be drawn on the faces of depressed and frustrated  faces of Gazans.

Dana, 11, a child who would take part in the concert says, “ I want to sing for peace, for my family, siblings and friends. I hope I can have peace and freedom. I don’t want more people to die.”

The concert is organized in partnership with Italian solidarity group “Peace Action” in a symbolic sign to protest the Israeli siege and occupation.  A website would be released during the concert and would be a linkage for next concerts.

International Palestinian Campaign to end Gaza Siege in PNGO is planning sets of actions to end Israeli siege and considers this initiative as the one part only.

The concert comes  up through hard time of flaming siege and violence in Gaza. Israel has completely closed border points and crossings and blocked UNRWA services to for 750.000 civilians.

It’s remarkable that  Israeli policy of unlawful collective punishment has always had its serious impact on the lives of the Palestinian civilians. Collective punishment is expressly forbidden under international humanitarian law.

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  1. alessandra
    alessandra says:

    Dear all.
    I am one of the coalition Action forpeace who supported the concert in Gaza. I hope it was a success, it was a very good idea of young palestinians in Gaza!
    I want to inform you that the concert is part of a campaign, one of several projects that we want to support and for which we are campaigning in Italy, joining the International Palestinian Campaign against the Gaza siege. It is not the only project, part of a general campaign called A FUTURE FOR GAZA.
    The other projects are about a children school in Jabalia, a Center for malnourished children in Khan Younis, and alternative energy for Al Shifa Hospital in gaza city. I express to all of the gazans and the palestinians our deep solidarity against the cruel and illegal Israeli siege. In solidarity, all the best
    Alessandra Mecozzi
    International Secretary Fiom-Cgil (italian metalworkers trade union)