GET is one of the Largest Educational Institutes of Pakistan: Professor Muhammad Anwar Masood

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GET is one of the Largest Educational Institutes of Pakistan: Professor Muhammad Anwar Masood

By Ilyas Choudry, TMO

DSCN9823“The Alliance of Goodwill (TAG)” under the management of Coordinator Muhammad Saeed Sheikh organized at the picturesque Raindrop Turkish Center an “Intellectual Evening” with famous TV & World fame poets of Pakistan Professor Muhammad Anwar Masood, and Khalid Masood Khan. Since the days of Muharam are here, the poets wanted to stay away from their humorous poetry, but since it was the 7th day of the first month of the Islamic Calendar, majority of the 250 persons gathered requested that other than the dialogue on the current situation of Pakistan, the poets also present their poetry, both serious and amusing.

Towards the end of the program, Professor Muhammad Anwar Masood presented a superlative Naat in the Respect of Beloved Messenger Muhammad (Peace & Blessings of Allah SWT Be Upon Him), which left a lasting impression on the attendees.

Both the poets Professor Muhammad Anwar Masood, and Khalid Masood Khan have a passion for education of youth in Pakistan, and despite being retired for 21 years, the 78 years old Professor Anwar Masood, and 50+ years old Khalid Masood travel across the globe to raise funds for one of the prestigious institutes of Pakistan called the Ghazali Education Trust (GET).
This Tour of 2014 of eight cities of USA by these two esteemed poets was called the Charity Mushaira Tour, where funds were raised for GET. Un-Audited numbers suggest that during this  whole tour, more than 300,000 have been raised.

Started in 1997 with one room school, GET now has 345 schools in 35 out of 102 districts of Pakistan, with 52,000 students (off which 26,000 are orphans & 1,000 special needs children). GET has prepared a special value based educational curriculum approved by the Government of Pakistan, and their top most 130 students from all over Pakistan are studying at a boarding college called the Premier College, which is located in Lahore.

GET is one of the credible vetted partner NGOs of one of the leading Muslim NGOs of USA called the Helping Hand For Relief & Development (HHRD). TAG had arranged this event to raise funds for the schools that have been damaged by the recent floods in Punjab Pakistan, and also for people to sponsor orphans & children with special needs.

Program started with recitation of Quran by Abdullah Elasmar of HHRD. Then an overview of HHRD and GET was presented, while Muhammad Seed Sheikh welcomed and thanked the people for attendance.

Syed Waqas Anjum Jaffri, founding member of GET, appealed to everyone for support. His appeal was complimented by short inspiring speeches’ of Counsel General of Pakistan in Houston Honorable Afzaal Mahmood and Professor Muhammad Anwar Masood.

Abdullah Elasmar, Ghulam Bombaywala, Haroon Sheikh, Matloob Khan, and Tahir Javed participated in asking for funds, and almost $40,000 was raised.

For more information on GET, one can call 1.832.275.0786, or E-Mail Choudry786@Yahoo.Com


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