“Glamping” Trip

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“Glamping” Trip

By Sumayyah Meehan, MMNS Middle East Correspondent

“Camping: nature’s way of promoting the motel industry.” 

– Dave Barry

glamping-tent-clayquotAs the unforgiving heat of summer finally subsides in many regions of the Middle East, many denizens of the Gulf region set their sights to enjoying the cooler weather while it lasts. One of the most popular activities is known as “Glamping”, which is a combination of the two words glamorous and camping. Now unlike traditional camping trips that often combine questionable cuisine with equally dubious living conditions, “roughing it” has nothing to do with glamping trips.

For one thing, any bona fide “glamper” would not be caught dead engaging in conventional camping activities, like building a fire or even going on a nature hike. Instead glamping activities resemble a luxurious excursion to a 5-star hotel more than any old trip to the wilderness. Some of the creature comforts that can be found on a glamping site include a luxury tent fitted with heat and running water as well as inflatable beds that give even the most expensive mattresses a run for their money. Combine that with fluffy blankets and plush pillows, one could hibernate for the entire winter season.

When it comes to food, only the best will do for the glamper. Canned beans or freshly caught fish are not on the menu. For the glamper, a chef is often enlisted for the course of the trip to make all the meals for the family as well as guests that may drop by. And in the event that a chef is not on hand, there are several caterers that will actually prepare and serve food during your glamping trip. Ornately crafted desserts and hot beverages are also included on the menu, all served on bone china.

Getting away from the nuisances of the modern world is the last thing on a glamper’s mind. For that reason, most glamp sites are fitted with Wi-Fi Internet connections and electricity. The glamper can keep an eye on all the latest happenings on Facebook or even check in on his business dealing while enjoying the great outdoors.

Some of the countries that have taken glamping to even greater heights include Kuwait and the UAE. Group glamping excursions are popular and combine several families on a single trip. Some of the activities that these glampers enjoy are racing on ATV’s and playing the traditional Oud, or stringed instrument, as the sun sets on another day.


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