Global Qiyam Michigan

By Noor Salem, TMO

The night of Friday May 17th was tranquil and wonderful when over 11 masajid in Michigan joined into praying for the oppressed people of Syria. Every masjid had a unique program for three hours, 9pm until 12 am. Particularly at the Islamic Center of Detroit over 300 people joined to be a part of such an experience. The halls were filled, hearts were touched, and eyes drew tears. After prayer there was a short movie from Syria, short yet wonderful lectures, and qiyam prayer. It’s hard to feel with people who are losing family members, homes, and friends every single day. We simply stand and pray for them, since it’s the best we can do. The Global Qiyam was obviously “global” and thousands stood up in worship to pray for those they can’t personally help. It was a wonderful experience for all those who attended, and heart touching to see the vast empathy of the ummah.


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