Go For Your Dream

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin, MMNS

Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these:  It might have been.

The secret to success is preparation and opportunity.  When these two meet, coupled with action,  your success is all but guaranteed.  Since we rarely know opportunity will present itself, we must be prepared when it does, and it will come.  Numerous opportunities come our way frequently, but most of them we let slip by by failing to seize the moment for your 15 minutes of fame.  Then all you can say is “it might have been.”

Remember, ALLAH has special dreams and goals that are especially meant for you.  It is your opportunity.  It is your opportunity.  It is your dream.   Sometimes it is something you have thought of; sometimes not.  But whether you thought of it or it just “appeared in your head”’ you must believe that ALLAH can put something in your path that will be a big benefit  to you, and the humanity we all serve.

This article has special meaning to me because I have decided to seek the public office of City Councilman in my hometown of Detroit, Michigan.  It is a monumental undertaking and something I had much contemplation, encouragement, and prayer on before making my decision to go forward.

At first, I was not interested in seeking public office.  I was/am quite comfortable and pleased with my life as it is.  But many factors came into view including lots of encouragement from many people of different many different persuasions.   I decided to ask ALLAH should I run for office and so I made two Istakirah prayers and asked Almighty ALLAH if this was right for me to make the path easy; and if not, please remove it.

After these prayers, amazing help and jubilation started coming from many people and many different quarters.  Pledges of support from reputable, upstanding, and  honorable people started pouring in and so I said Oh ALLAH, You have made my decision for me.   Now, I am committed and excited about what I can bring to the office and how the office allows me a platform to bring positive change to the society.

Of course there are also many factors that will come up when you make a decision about something.  You will get lots of advice both for and against what you are doing.  But that is one of the big advantages of being Muslim and having access to a direct line to ALLAH via Instikarah prayer.  ALLAH thinks you can do it.  He has given you wisdom to run your own life.  This does not mean you don’t take advice .  This is part of shura consultation.  So you should make shura and then when you have made a decision, go forth with the help of ALLAH. 

Also in steppin out, don’t let others absolutely do your work for you.  Sometimes people will make big promises to you and can’t or won’t be able to come through.  Then you must do it.  Remember, it is not their work, it is yours.

Also, don’t get discouraged when things get tough.  You will get stretched and you will get tired.  But remember, you get what you strive for.  ALLAH says “Don’t get discouraged when you are having a tough time.  Your enemies (opponents, adversaries’ are as well.  But you have the help of Allah and they don’t.

You must see and visualize your dream.  Remember, if you can’t see your dream, you can’t be in it.

I ask for your prayers and support as I start this next new phase of my life.  I will need support from many people who think as I do and believe I can fulfill.

Please visit my website www.el-aminforcitycouncil.com and see the many ways you can help.  I need and will appreciate any and all donations to my campaign.  I will need lots of money (upwards of $170,000) to wage a credible campaign.  My website has PayPal information on it and you may also mail contributions to El-Amin for City Council.  16500 Ashton  Ave.  Detroit, Michigan  48219.  Please remember that political campaigns are NOT allowed to accept corporate checks.  They must be personal checks and under Michigan law, cannot exceed $3,400.


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